10 July, 2011

Zesta is one of my new favourite drink picks, and when trying to describe how it tastes like to my dad, I blurted out that it tasted like the F&N flavour – Zapple.

“A bit fizzy and Zapply.”

“Huh?” My dad went.

“It tastes zazzy”, I sweared.

Okay okay so, I guess I WASN’T the first person to create this word after all, but in my unyielding defense, I thought of it + tweeted it before finding it on Urban Dictionary!

The word sounds so cool that Sheldon Cooper (my favourite TV character) from The Big Bang Theory (my favourite TV series) also described his cat as #Zazzy.

Can you repeat after me and say this 10 times? Zazzy Zazzy yzzaZ ZazZzy.


Tongue-twisted till the next word… xD

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