What is the difference between bloggers and members of the traditional media? – My debate piece for NotaTourist.Sg

16 October, 2012

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a crazy week so far. Some of the biggest Tech players/entrepreneurs/VCs are in town and I’m busy chasing them around! And of course, there has been the ubiquitous partying… Before I update about all that excitement, here is an article/debate piece I wrote recently that was featured on

I tried to defend all the bloggers in the Singapore blogosphere, while still remaining unbiased to the people from traditional media. After all, my work background was in traditional print media you know (back in the day, I worked for a magazine and then for our local newspapers). I hope you read the piece on NotaTourist’s site and leave me a comment here!

Let me know if you think I am being fair!


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