Valentine’s Day 2015 – Looking for Love? This might work better…

14 February, 2015

If no one did anything special for u over #Vday weekend, don’t cry or whine… you can be the one to DO SOMETHING SPECIAL for someone else! 🙂

The last 1 week, I’ve been getting so many reminders that love is a gift of giving, not receiving. Isn’t that so humbling? Love is NOT demanding things, but serving others. Love is patient, and sometimes, just saying a kind word to someone can release love in a life.

I’m happy for my friends who are attached, but I believe it’s hard to build a solid relationship and truly whole-heartedly love someone, unless you first learn to love yourself. Maybe this is the stage I haven’t quite figured out…

So here’s a virtual hug for all my single people out there! There is immense bravery in being and staying single. Sometimes it’s ok (or even better) to be alone and working on the most important relationship of all – the one with yourself.

Taking risks in love can be necessary, but so is waiting. A famous phrase from Song of Solomon says – “Do not arouse and awaken love until it’s time”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.58.55 pm

Hearts were meant to be built, not borrowed.

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