Unlikely Superheroes

30 June, 2011

If you were a superhero, which would you be?

Green Lantern

Superman, Batman


Spotted on Orchard Road… No one told me Ironman moved to Singapore?

A real-life kick-ass banker

Or, how about another even more unlikely superhero, Captain TREE-HUGGER?

I think this costume is better.

Let’s get real. Being environment-friendly has never been sexy (like the picture), nor glamorous (like a superhero). I’m sure the sexiest costumes they have are T-shirts. Tak glam. My little brother T, who is on an Environmental Science scholarship in London, is flying TOMORROW to the Amazon jungle to live for a while (for a research trip). I am worried as usual, but so proud of him – deep inside I know he hopes to save the environment, or at least, make a little difference.

Passion must run in our blood, and although I’ve done all sorts of volunteer work from kids, to pets, to elderly people, I’ve honestly never once thought about being a tree hugger. I’m not sure what talents I hold in garden digging, but surely that shouldn’t stop any of us from nature-lovin’?

Yeah sure, sometimes it’s annoying when it rains, when I am trying to trek/swim/run/fly around, but there is no hate in my relationship with nature. Can YOU imagine YOUR life without green grass, blue skies, good weather… or the great outdoors?


Nowadays it’s not enough to just HUG a tree, and I’m glad that companies like Timberland have been fervent in PLANTING them. Not just all marketing talk, I did my Google research and found that one million trees had already been planted, and Timberland Earthkeepers plan to plant 2 million more. Green Horqin pastures in China, Inner Mongolia suffered a terrible sickness named desertification, overgrazed and destroyed at the hands of – who else – by the all-time evil villain… Man himself.

Timberland outdoor boots walk their talk too, and are the first company in the world to use recycled rubber from discarded tyres to manufacture the soles of their Earthkeepers™ shoes collection.
I’m surprised not many other companies bother to do this more? It seems a simple enough concept to me.

In any case, I think it’s great that Timberland has started these desert greening efforts, because sometimes, a little someone like me can’t save the whole world – but we can start with sowing seeds.

Before dusk turns to dawn, and dawn turns to dust, will you be earth’s superhero – THE EARTHKEEPER?

1) An EARTHKEEPER’s job is not to hug trees, but to be a guardian of the earth.

(Kind of like Captain Planet – the world’s first, and sadly, ONLY eco-superhero.)

2) EARTHKEEPER’s superpowers include but is not limited to two helpful hands, and one big heart.

3) EARTHKEEPER’s job is NOT a full-time job. All you have to do is care enough to reduce, reuse, re-cycle, or try other things that you think will help the environment.

If I were an Earthkeeper eco-superhero, I would get my hands dirty with replanting eroded areas, zip on Timberland’s environment-friendly superboots, and trade my invisible space + water aero-jet for an invisible small Suzuki hatchback. Small bicycle also can.

Guess what? YOU can be an Earthkeeper too, because a real hero doesn’t need to have any actual superpowers, luxury automobiles that can fly, or billion-dollar weaponry.

“Superhero status is more about a person who uses whatever ability they have to rise up and fight for those who can’t,” someone smart once said.

I’m no tree hugger, but I love my earth. Don’t wait for the trees to attack us…

Be an unlikely superhero. Let’s help to plant it, not destroy it.

This message was inspired by Timberland

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