Thoughts on City Harvest Church and Pastor Kong Hee’s arrest

26 June, 2012

I don’t attend City Harvest Church in Singapore, but it’s very sad and heartbreaking to see a senior and founding pastor who you respect, become a target for endless investigations. It culminated in his arrest this morning, along with a few other of his church members.

My heart goes out to the City Harvest Church congregation – remember, you don’t go to church for one man, you go to church for one God.


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How true is the law that convicts its people? Why did God let this happen? Did Pastor Kong Hee deserve it, or is he to be pitied?

In a society which demands clarity in black and white, we find that most of what we get is blurred.

No man can answer all this or will know for sure.

It’s $50mil now? Fresh exposé in the local news hatelines I mean headlines today –

*Update from 28/6/2012*

So, for the $50m of donations invested in “The Crossover Project” – publicly and loosely now referred to as Sun Ho’s music career – if it helped Sun Ho to get a big house to get chummy with celebrity neighbours, and this led to her reaching out to 5x non-believers who each have a net worth of, say, S$10mil, does that mean that the charges will be dropped because she would be able to prove the Return of Investment? Hmm, no, probably not.

There has been a lot of comments, jokes, and opinions, from Christians and non-Christians. Seriously, who hasn’t seen the “Kill Bill” YouTube video going around that she made with Wyclef Jean? I’m sure your Facebook feed is filled with it.

$50m is an obscene amount of money to misuse, if it was misused (for it to be “misused”, all of the people of City Harvest church has to agree, that the money that they tithed or donated, had not been used for the intended cause). Many people have been chiding the City Harvest followers calling them “blind”, “brainwashed”, or asking them to stop living in denial.

However, to date, Kong Hee has reportedly retained his integrity on the matter, ergo, not pleaded guilty. Are we listening to one side of the facts-fence, or are we listening to those in-the-know who have faith? I really do not know how this ending will go – the recent published FACTS against this man seems to offer a different opinion from those who have FAITH in the man.

The single most complex thing about this case, is the difference between a church and a charity.

I have not been as actively involved in charities as some other people, but from what I have learnt, a charity collects money and it usually goes directly back into the community to do the greater good. When a church collects money, sometimes yes, it goes to poor people. Helping the unfortunate, maybe the disabled or even the depressed. When a church collects money, it is majorly for evangelical purposes, sometimes including the expansion of the church, which Christians intend for reaching out to non-believers.

So yes, you can do a lot with $50m and that can feed many starving mouths, but the purpose of collecting it in the first place might have been something else.

It fascinates me that the people on my Facebook feed who are making the most noise are NOT members of City Harvest Church itself, but bystanders and bored users who have never stepped into City Harvest Church nor given them a dollar. (This is what a City Harvest member says as well on her blog post – read it here for insider/deeper thought.)

I regularly attend a big church as well and it has filled me with guidelines on how I live my life. I have attended to City Harvest a few times, but not enough to comment on the doctrines that they preach. I really don’t know much on “the crossover project”, or the lessons their preacher teaches, but chances are if you are not hugely involved with City Harvest Church – then neither do you.

Pastor Kong Hee should still remember the Bible verse that we’re not under law, but we are here by God’s grace.
Romans 6:14 – “And sin has no authority over you, for you not under The Written Law, but under grace.” In any circumstance, it always brings me down to ground when I am reminded that my life is full of grace.

I am not going to defend a pastor/man I don’t really know and whatever he has done, I really am not clearly sure. Anyway, who am I to judge him?

Life is full of uncertainty, and it seems sooner rather than later, there is shake up in the Christian community in SG today. All we can really do is keep calm, and look up. It sure beats running around like headless ducks. Also, I have other things to worry about!

Amidst questions and confusion, if there’s ONE thing that’s for sure in this whole case, it’s that I won’t let it change anything about the God I believe in. Will you?

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