The Parties We Can Go To This F1 Weekend And How To Get In: PART 2

23 September, 2011

Yesterday, I did a part 1 with a list of lounges/bars that we can zoom to for a good pre-party.

I promised a party-time part 2, so let’s go! This is a list of some special places, and why I think they are hot or not this F1 weekend. I’m hoping to get a lot of networking done this weekend, while squeezing in a bit of fun with friends from out of town.

Avalon GO! – FRIDAY 23/9 ONLY

My 2 cents: One of the best musical acts this year (next to Linkin Park of course, who is performing at Linkin Park Live at 2011 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix)!

I’m really looking forward to this. Last year’s event and music acts definitely got us “go”-ing.

According to inside sources, this is the likely schedule and line-up:
Ludacris – 10pm
LMFAO – 11.30pm
The Bloody Beetroots – 1am
Benny Benassi – 2am
Sanders – 4am

I THINK. This info is unofficial and may not be accurate, but I will take what I can get.

Note: This is not held in the new Avalon Nightclub itself, but at MBS’ exhibition hall.

How to get into this party: You can still buy tickets here – but hurry, they are selling out fast.

Avalon Nightclub

My 2 cents: Not to be confused with Avalon GO! the concert, this new nightclub has been one of the top 5 on the list of gossip I have heard about. Social media says that the bottle/table service sucks and the music was bad last week, but I still think this is a promising place with lots of space to play.

No publicity is bad publicity right? You know you still want to go!

The duplex complex is pretty and glittery, and with so many party-hunters this weekend, it will be busy for sure.

Lounge area VS Dance area in Avalon Singapore

How to get into this party: Check out the DJ line-up and buy tickets here.

DJ line-up for Avalon Singapore, F1 WEEK 2011

Amber Lounge

My 2 cents: Full of everything from models to moguls, swaggers and wankers, this is one of the best places to watch A-listers and stalk F1 drivers. I had a good chuckle gawking at Richard Branson as he enjoyed a dance with one of my girl friends last year. With so many other hotspots to bring the house down and Amber’s ticket prices going at about S$800 a pop, I don’t see much reason to go.

How to get into this party: Be a real VIP or spend EUR 15,000 per table of 8 guests by clicking this link.

Johnny Walker Jet Black Party

My 2 cents: Saturday’s party will see the creamiest of Singapore’s party crop, and Sunday will see JW’s affiliated race drivers, stars, and sponsors.

The 2010 party was very busy and I heard that alcohol ran out. I saw too many people spilling out of the makeshift-club, and some girl’s boobs spilling out of it’s cup. This year however, I have been assured the list has been kept tighter, the people will be as good looking as last year, and I know it will be one of the best parties around.

Photo credit: Danny Santos

How to get into this party: By invite only. If you don’t have one or missed all the competitions that Johnnie Walker ran the last month (I gave out 10 VIP tickets for this party here), sorry! Try again next year.

Filter Member’s Club

My 2 cents: With DJ/Lawyer-living/-in-Tokyo DJ Bento turning the heat up on Friday and Hollywood-based SmithAgentSmith throwing beats to the floor on Saturday, Filter will be it’s usual craziness for sure – x10.

DJ Bento (Friday 23/9) – Click here for last performance at Filter Member’s Club (video)
SmithAgentSmith (Saturday 24/9) – Click here for music on soundcloud and download

Expect a lot of sweat inside, and tears outside as people who arrive after 12am will probably not be able to get in.

Photo credit: Filter Member’s Club Facebook page

How to get into this party: Get a table, or go home (or be a very hot girl). I could see one of the club owners saying this!


Last but definitely not the least. Literally translated as the greek word for ‘earth’, this luxe yet slightly safari theme has Singapore’s newest and most talked about nightclub decked out with a mix of familiar Forbes-type faces and the loudy and rowdy party elites. I noticed guests standing on sofas, and crystal balls on the ceiling.

Photos from Pangea’s opening party 22/9

My 2 cents: One of the places to be, if you can hustle your way in. This is definitely one of the hottest and hardest places to get in – I heard 600 people were rejected at the door last night (I don’t know if it’s true?). Guess I got lucky.

How to get into this party: Like my friends say, “get a table, or forget it”.

FYI – Tables around the dance floor are a min spend of $3500-$6,000 for 8-10 people, or $8,000 – $15,000 for a table in the elevated area near the DJ booth (I found these tables slightly more private and less crowded).

Pangaea is still taking reservations for VIP tables – you can call 8611 7013.
I’ll be at all of the above events for documentation purposes 🙂 So holla if you’re coming too!

Race? What race?

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