The other day, I nearly gave my heart away

5 January, 2011

It’s no secret that I have been looking for love, have lost love, and for fear of losing again, have stopped looking.

One of my prayer requests for 2011, was a love request.

At Tuesday Group last night, my friend and Tuesday brother Darius said a prayer for me – he prayed that God will take my heart away, that he will guard my heart against wolves.

What a good prayer!

But seriously, I think my friends are more interested in hearing dibs on a date?

A mutual friend is matchmaking me with someone she thinks would be great for me – if not as a partner, then just as a new friend.

She asked me what is most important in a life partner? “Money? Race? Popularity? Handsome? The size of his cock?”

“No, none of the above -” I told her.

“Good character. A gentleman who can show respect, who I can respect. A man from/of God.”

She insisted she had the perfect guy for me, we’ll see…

So, I have a blind date tonight… I’m going to call it blind faith.


I’ve not been able to post many pretty pictures recently, but don’t worry! I have a LOT of photos of a lot of people I’m sorting out to post soon!
Watch this space 😀

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