Tanjong Beach Club @ Sentosa

17 July, 2010

I owe many people and many places many photos, and have so little time to update on the happenings of life. What’s new?

Work has been really crazy the last few weeks, with me being put in charge of a supplement we are running with the Business Times (wish me luck!!) and a department project/challenge coming up (!!!). ***Faint***

Besides that, learning to drive, working out/playing sports, spending time with family and selected friends, I’m pretty upset I have not been able to update this “BLOG” as much as I’d like to, but… sooner or later… 🙂

I’ve stopped going ‘partying’ as much as I used to – but I love this place and WILL indulge once in a while!

My new playground (for when I go out at all)
Tanjong Beach Club

What’s cool? Come and see it through my eyes…

It’s 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, the weather is good and the people are even better looking.

Crowd control! Friends stream in as the festivities kick in.

A little piece of heaven on earth 🙂 (Just not quite so serene!)

Meet my dog, Cookie. She’s a sweet treat!

Julian and Dee, bringing us behind the velvet rope. Thank you guys! Don’t work too hard!

Ross Cole and his dog, Bordeaux. His hat is better than mine!

Diana Salem, pretty as a picture

DJ Tyler Made USA – he really hates photos. 🙁

All of them do. 🙁

Christian Tan, man of the hour!

Tanjong Beach Club is essentially divided into 2 sections – sandy and non-sandy.
We chose non-sandy (VIP booths with stripey blue and white sun-loungers).

Face fail

As part of their opening promo, TBC offered free Sangria cocktails for a selected hour. Here is us trying to crawl into the window of opportunity.

DJ Tirso Garcia with a bunch of girls

DJ Tirso Garcia

DJ Tirso Garcia

My poor dog! Terrorized by all my friends!

What big………. dogs you have!

Cookie’s evil twin – Ivory (Ivan’s dog). She pees on sarongs and sips your champagne without asking sometimes. Other than that, I will still play with you, Ivory!
(Cookie is on the right)

The best thing about this (or any) beach clubs is a refreshing dip in a beautiful bejeweled pool.

Pool playtime

Pool playtime

Worn out!

Tired girls

Tired girls

All in all, a good place, great night, and fantastic opening weekend. I heard many patrons say they would be back!

Click here for their website, address and other technical details I won’t bother to list here:

The opening weekend of Tanjong Beach Club was so anticipated, it made the news (also known in Singapore as ‘The New Paper’).

The New Paper did a nice article on it for its new “Show” section (a section which shows you the latest and greatest places to go) – with the teaser fronted by Ivan Lim (TNP Journo), the delish DJ Nomsta and myself on the cover.

House ad for 'Show section', front page of The New Paper

THE NEW PAPER 2 Jun 2010. Credit: Tanjong Beach Club

Cookie and I will see you there soon! 🙂 <3
Me and my JR-Terrier, Cookie

Photo Credits: Tanjong Beach Club facebook page, Dawn Yang, Ava Gui, Jess Ann, Rodney and The New Paper

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