Say hi to Shanghai – Spring Airlines opens new routes and cheap flights from China to Singapore!

2 May, 2014

My twitter is fluttering with exciting news.

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Singaporeans can now connect to China for cheaper with Spring Airlines, China’s first and only low-cost airline. With its new routes to Singapore and Taiwan, Singaporeans can now say hi to Shanghai and many more cities.

Nothing makes me happier than to go somewhere new and just get lost – I’ve never been to China before and it’s definitely on my Top 10 must-visit list. I’ve been privileged enough to explore Europe, UK, and some parts of the US, so next up on my wanderlust list are destinations that are closer to home like Vietnam, Philippines, India, Bhutan and more.

Cheaper flights means that we can save more $ for shopping, stinky tofu 臭豆腐 and Xiao long baos 小笼包 too! (So cheap, no need to share my food with you…)

Of course I had to do the right thing and research my your next trip from Singapore to Shanghai. Does it have smart schedules and is it truly cost-efficient?

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There are limited currency options so I used USD to check for fares.


Wow! Not bad, I say. Flights SG-Shanghai start at USD$64 onwards per leg, but taxes inclusive brings me return flights for roughly USD$300 onwards (SGD$375).
What I really like about this low-cost airline, is that their fare cost already includes a total of 15kg carry-on and check-in baggage allowance. What a win! That’s good enough for me, and I just hate the idea of adding up extra costs for baggage.

There presently seems to be 3-4 flights a week and the timing is pretty decent.

I’ve been discovering the company’s Instagram ‘summer stories’ and Facebook updates by this airline and there’s actually a bunch of pretty and interesting things.

Put a spring in your step and follow their accounts for updates on promotions and more.

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UPCOMING FLIGHT PROMOTION – Watch out for the Cloud 9 special, with fare deals starting from CNY9 and going live online on 9 May at 10am.