Sibling Stories: Growing up as a wild child #nationalsiblingday

14 April, 2014


T: I’m going to Phuket this weekend.

Me: Hey, I’m supposed to be reviewing a really beautiful 5-star hotel in Phuket this weekend too! And to interview the property group’s CEO. I postponed the trip because I had a blogger event to run next week. Since you’re going to be in Phuket the same time, maybe I should go after all and you can stay with me in the lovely 5-star room?

T: Nah don’t worry, I already have my accommodation sorted.

Me: Oh yeah? Where are you going to stay? A nice hotel?

T: No, I’m staying in the jungle my whole time there.

Me: ???

T: My Imperial friend from Germany is doing a research thing there and I’m going there to do animal and ecology related stuff with him… and you should see the amount of fishing gear I’m bringing.

Me: Are you sure? But if you stay with me in Phuket we have an infinity pool!

T: And we have one of the biggest lakes in Southeast Asia!

Me: We are obviously very different.

We are like light and darkness, salt and spark. You have all the book smarts, while I was left with just the social smarts. I can’t survive without the hustle of the city, but this jungle boy would rather live at sea. You don’t understand the things I’m good at, while I remain fascinated at yours.

Siblings must be nature’s way of creating a slightly (or very) different version of us. From womb to tomb, we will be connected, but in between we will do very different things. Occasionally, our worlds meet. I’m thankful when they do, for I love you like Christ loves the church – whole-heartedly and unconditionally.

Even when I don’t understand you, I will love you and I’m blessed to have you as my little brother, best friend, and as my fellow wild child.