New Year, New Adventures

4 January, 2012

2011 has passed, but that’s no reason for me to stop thinking about it. As always, I’ve had an adventure of a year and I hope all of you have had some sort of adventure too.

Life is full of infinite experiences, and so mine will last a lifetime. In no particular order at all, here are 12 adventures in 2011 that I’ve learnt from or loved.



I was invited on an all-boy’s trip to Taiwan with some old friends that I went to school with. Although I didn’t get to do much girly things (like shopping), we went hiking, running and roadtrippin’ through Taroko Gorge and breathed in the scenic air of stunning Shakadang Trail – which was so much better!

Found an amazing spot somewhere, don’t think we were allowed to swim in it… but boys will be boys, and so we did.

My Taiwanese friend claimed that it wasn’t dangerous, it’s just that most locals don’t know how to swim?!

Taking rocky risks in Taiwan

Had such a great time in Taiwan that I went back to Taipei a few months later for a party trip. It was a good friend Adam’s birthday, and a bunch of us flew up from all around the world to celebrate it with him.

I strolled the sights, checked out #Marquee, #Spark101 and #Primo, but mostly spent time with some people. I especially remember my friend’s birthday dinner where we downed goose meat and Taiwanese pi jiu at a loudy ‘n’ rowdy local joint.

I also loved Taiwanese bubble tea and learnt that dogs like Glowy were allowed (welcome) on tabletops.


Baring my sole and my soul for Habitat for Humanity was not enough, but it was a start. I love charity events so dragging along family and friends to do this with me was definitely a memorable stripe in my year.

#10 KIDS

Volunteered to teach 5 & 6 year-old kids as many Saturdays as I could, and quickly gained respect for teachers and mothers. Teaching them to spell and sing in between a bit of storytelling is probably some of the most tiring afternoons I’ve ever had. And I would do it all over again.


Went a bit far with a plan to get my skin fair, but it fast failed. I always find it hard to resist a bit of warm Sunday sun at #TanjongBeachClub.

Sun tanners VS stunners at Tanjong Beach Club


Got to spend a bit of time with my Chindian (Indian-Chinese) niece, Keira. She is the prettiest grump in the world!


Backpacked through bits and pieces of Europe… #Eurotrip
Braved the cold and some bad luck in Switzerland. #keepsmiling

Made friends of all cultures for coffee and conversations… It doesn’t matter what colour skin we are – if you’re a girl, you probably have had boy problems.


When I’m not travelling (i.e. broke), I love having friends and foreigners visit me so I can show off my country. One of my best friends came to visit me from Sydney but since we’ve done everything touristy, we went to East Coast Park for a bit of double-trouble biking.

If you don’t pedal in perfect sync, the chain on the gears tend to become misplaced. Those double bikes are not so easy breezy!

More posts on things to do in Singapore on my blog and to come.


Better than biking, was boating around Singapore for my birthday.


Many people find it hard to believe, but yes I have (and always have had) a full-time job. I work hard, but it’s easy when you love the team you work for/with.

Working across timezones completely possible.

2 week business trip to the US

But we went to the beach too.

Ending my tenure in my last job, I took a month to sip the finer things in life in Spain, Barcelona

Salud! ("Cheers" in Spanish)

Sauntered through the Room of Maps in Rome, Italy

… And sat slowly and coldly on the top of the Swiss Alps.


I watched the Pettigrews be good parents,


… And my brother lovingly do my laundry in London.


Being single for more than 2 years can sometimes suck, but I learnt that the never-ending love adventure with God and my family is more than enough.

The introduction screen from a Christian seminar on Singlehood I attended... apt.

Love from Jesus and his kids at my weekly Tuesday Group

Unconditional love to my parents, because they loved me first.

What was YOUR favourite adventure of 2011 and what do you wish for in 2012? Please share them with me, I’d love to hear them and I promise not to laugh (out loud).

You can watch the recording of my New Year wishes for 2011-2012 to Singapore which was played to the public during the Marina Bay Countdown celebration. (My part is at Clip 4 and after the first 6 minutes.)

I can’t wait to share my next (and last) post on the #MarinaBay2012 NYE countdown with you! (Fireworks included.) In the meantime, here’s to moving forward and soaring higher this new year!