Better Teeth & Improved Side Profile – Invisalign in Singapore with i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic

16 July, 2014

Most of us don’t have perfect teeth like my brother does, and he never fails to give me grief for when I was wearing braces when I was younger, I never seemed to be able to keep my retainers safe (the detachable plastic thing that people wear in their mouth after braces to keep their teeth straight). I left it at kopitiams, in school a few times, at random places. My parents gave up getting them re-made for me. As a result, my straightened teeth have gone all out of place in the last 10 years. My carelessness pays… What a shameful waste.

Most of you know that I’m a pretty easy going person but my my, this is one of my biggest regrets in my life. As a result for this mighty sin, I now have to live with my terrible teeth.

I know what you’re thinking – “Come on Estelle, you look fine, you don’t need it.” I’m not the kind of girl to seek porcelain doll perfection, but we all want to look like a better version of ourselves. You probably can’t tell from photos, but up close and personal or in videos you can see my crooked teeth clearly, and I hate it. I’ve been invited to do TV a bunch of times but I’ve usually rejected it – even though I like to act, and I think I would really love to play other characters as well as myself in an original programme. I simply can’t FACE the fact that I don’t have the ideal side profile that those celebs and actresses have, with their perfect chiseled features when they laugh or cry, or toss their head to every different side.

By starting on my Invisalign journey with i.Dental Surgeons, I learnt that you can shape your children’s facial and side profiles when they are young! Dumbfounded! I actually did braces when I was about 11 years old, but I’m so sad that my orthodontist didn’t do this for me and fix my jaw when my braces were being done.


I could have looked like that. So close.
Pic credit here

Dr Cheng Eng Wah (founder of i.Dental Surgeons and now the boss of my teeth journey) explained that if I had consulted him when I was Sec 1, he could have quite easily “advanced my jaw” so I would have a straighter, more ideal side profile. It’s too late now, and adults like me can only resort to jaw surgery if I desire a better side profile (no thank you – I’ll rather be ugly than in unnecessary pain).


And so, I know I’m not sweet sixteen, but here’s to round two of braces for me – the invisible Invisalign way this time. I’m on this mission not only for better teeth, but for a better side profile. After this, I’m sure that I’ll be more confident when facing people and cameras and I also promise to guard all my aligners and retainers with my heart.


Dear parents or future parents of the world, if you want your child to be better looking, please send them to an orthodontist who knows a thing or two not just about teeth – but about facial structure.



i.Dental Surgeons and their newly opened i.Dental Invisalign Dedicated Clinic are super conveniently located right next to Tanjong Pagar MRT, at Capital Tower. I’m always in the CBD for work meetings, so less travelling effort on my part is pretty sweet.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.37.13 am

Right from the first few consultations, Dr Cheng’s analysis of me and my teeth were extremely insightful and this confirmed my sureness of embarking on my second braces journey. Here we go again!

Dr Cheng Eng Wah has a series of intricate best practices and detailed methods in which he used to create and understand the best impression of my teeth, where they stick out unnecessarily or best sit together, for the days leading up to making my Invisalign aligners.

For the first couple of consultations, Dr Cheng has already:

– Made a model-sized mould of my teeth (the kind you see at primary school science class, except that mine would probably be used to teach students about the kind of teeth you DON’T want)


This perfect model of teeth is NOT mine.
Pic credit here.

– Used mirrors to take a reflected view of pictures for my upper and lower part of my mouth



– 4 X-rays – giving insight and vision into my left jaw, right jaw, overall mouth structure, etc!



I have also made the Invisalign mould, which gets sent to Align Technology in the US for scanning and comes back with a pack of invisible plastic aligners that I wear for about 2 weeks each.




Picture credit: Here

– The ideal nose is at a 90 degree angle to one’s lips

– My lips are an indented S-shape because my teeth are doing this thing called “overjet”

– The ideal smile shows 2-4mm of gum, which makes one looks younger

– “Not too gummy” – The ideal smile shouldn’t show too much gum

– I have been over-brushing my teeth all my life – Long teeth makes me looks older

– My Bottom teeth is not ‘out’ enough so it ‘proclains’ – Dr Cheng and Invisalign will periodically push my lower teeth forward, narrowing the gap between my upper n lower teeth

– From my consultation X-rays, he spotted a hazy segment near my mouth – there is a cyst inside my nose that causes me to always have flu problems and blocked nose (it’s true!!)

– Dr Cheng says I otherwise have nice facial features

… That’s great. Can he give me double eye lids too?

But seriously. Invisalign for working adults is seriously a dream come true. So far so good with i.Dental, the premier partner of Invisalign.

BRACE YOURSELVES. Estelle 2.0 is coming!:)