An Honest Look Behind Future Music Festival Asia Day 3 Drug-Related Cancellation and #ASOT650MY

17 March, 2014


Here’s one of the videos I recorded of me and my friends, being silly yet sober at 230am while leaving the grounds of #fmfa2014 Day 2 @fmfasia . Most of the time, this is my choice – I don’t mind downing a few drinks with my friends, but staying responsible nowadays is a personal preference, and this is my personal experience.

I’ve made some immature and bad choices when I was younger, but I’m extremely grateful that none have ended up with terrible consequences, as they easily could have. God has given me a life that I don’t deserve, and I truly treasure it. I’ve come a long way in my party journey – you may or may not be an old woman like me or have also had this same epiphany…

Some kids partying at @fmfasia will never get a 2nd chance. So while you still have the endless opportunity to enjoy the things you want to do, explore great possibilities with your life and have fun while you’re at it. I like to party hard without drugs, and you can too.

DRUGS are dangerous and also illegal – even if you think that you’re in control, there are many consequences that you CAN’T.

What if one of the deaths was your sister’s, your boyfriend’s, your cousin’s, or yours? I can imagine the devastation and worry from parents all over Asia at the outbreak of this news. Mine definitely were.

photo (49)
(I blanked out something because it was slightly like scolding and irrelevant anyway.)

I’ve realized that the cancellation of Day 3 by Future Music Festival and Livescape Asia is a drastic but good decision, and if you’re reading this, it means that you WILL have another chance someday to see your favorite acts.

#FMFADAY3 ‘s sudden cancellation is a heavy loss for the organizing committee, and for you and me, but behind it is a strong message that had to be sent – Control your party preferences so the next music event doesn’t get cancelled. If some young partygoers are taking irresponsible risks with their own lives at the want of fun, then the organizing committee has to step in and stop further deaths right? #ASOT650MY is supposed to be a rave, not a grave.

I respect LivescapeAsia and Future Music Festival for deciding to lose money above losing more lives. Angry fans are better than dead fans.

Here are some words from #FMFA2014 performers Arty and Sheila Majid on the situation:
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.35.28 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.35.18 AM

Future Music Festival Asia is a special time and place for the latest and greatest in music to perform – it isn’t a platform for drug use and abuse, so let’s encourage our friends to keep it that way?

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