My Acne Skin Journey: eMatrix Treatment for Acne Scars – Give the Gift of Good Skin this Christmas!

9 December, 2013

Time might heal the scars of our heart, but unfortunately it won’t heal the scars on our face. I used to have really bad acne growing up, and as much as you probably have not got a chance to see them (I didn’t show them off in photos and covered them in thick foundation), they were very much still there.

“Lucky” me – I grew up with acne and even though I’m not in my teens anymore, I still have to fight this war – Most of the time, I’m also left with the battle scars.

(With bad skin, don’t you feel like you’re always fighting?)

It’s time to remind my fellow skin-warriors and most of all, myself, about the never-ending improvement I’m seeking with my acne-prone and scarred skin.

My first EMATRIX Fractional RF session with YUME Clinic and BEAUTI5ME.COM was in March 2013 (first blog post HERE), and since then, my skin improvement journey has gathered tens of thousands of views, lots of questions in real life and online, and so many of you fellow skin-soldiers are asking me about the progress. Sorry this update is super late, but I know I need to spill the secrets to better skin! Christmas is a time of giving, right? 🙂

There is nothing worse than having Acne scar-ridden skin – anyone who struggles in this battle of bad skin can relate with me. My horrible skin was definitely a sensitive topic in my life before trying out this treatment, and I’m sure there are several friends or family members around you who fight with skin problems as well. I’m thrilled that these treatment effects on my acne scars was as noticeable to you as it was to me! Thank you for being with me through this skin victory.

Here’s a pictorial progress report of my second eMatrix session with BEAUTI5ME. The results really speak for themselves, and I can’t wait for my third and last session! Will I see perfection? Perhaps.

(All photos below have no colour enhancements, no liquify, no photoshop etc. Eek alert ahead!)





I stepped into YUME Aesthetics Clinic for my second session, already knowing that I was in Dr Wong’s good hands and anticipating the expected. As numbing cream was steadily smoothed all over my face, Dr Wong asked if I wanted to up the ante and increase intensity of the eMatrix treatment today. “Bring it on,” I responded quickly. I wanted to look as good as possible in as quick a time as possible. Can you blame me?




Half an hour later, I was in the treatment room feeling less like a patient and more like a princess. Assistants fussed over my blanket, hair, eye goggles, and the instruments that will soon be on my face. Oh, the instruments are already on my face? I can’t see through these protective goggles and I can barely feel any prodding through the numbing cream (phew) for the first 5 minutes, but what I do notice is the charred smell of my own skin burning.

“How are you feeling?” Dr Wong paused to check in on me. He adjusts the small scented piece of cloth that was placed on top of my nose – it helps but did not block off the odour completely.

“It’s a strange smell, but as long as this is getting rid of all the bad acne scars, please don’t stop”, I mumbled. Dr Wong could smoke up the whole room for all I care, my only despair was for acne scars to be gone.


For the next half an hour, every inch of my face (with the exception of eyes and lips) was meticulously treated. And then, the whole face was covered once again with Dr Wong’s trusty machine – but this time at higher intensity. It feels like ant bites, or like I’m getting big blackheads extracted during a facial. It’s not painless, but it’s nothing compared to the emotional pain of growing up with acne – nor the excitement of knowing that I can almost erase it!

After the treatment, I was gently helped up and ushered into a separate room for rest and recovery. Cold masks and serums were layered over my face for another 30-50 minutes, calming down the hotness of my hopefully scar-free skin. After my post-treatment care, I mumbled thanks and goodbye, ready to rush home for dinner and sleepy time.




1. My skin feels like it’s slightly sunburnt, but a light application of BB cream completely concealed the rollercoaster ride that my skin had gone through just the day before.


2. A few days pass and the tiny scabby dots have fully fallen off my face. I was a good girl and didn’t scratch or pick at them during the healing process – now I’m fairly rewarded with fresh, bouncy skin underneath.


The usual sunscreen is a must, and plus a touch of light eye makeup, no one even knows that I have/had acne skin. For the first time, no more foundation needed on my skin! Incredible joy and excitement does not even begin to describe the liberation of having decent skin. Can I please dance around the house singing, “If you got acne scar problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems, but my scars ain’t one!”

3. My skin looks the best the week right after treatment, initially plumped up with collagen and as close to a newborn baby’s bottom as it would ever resemble.

Lots of time has passed, and I’ve gone halfway around the globe, learnt many lessons, done a lot of work, prayed in church, and probably eaten too much as well (can you tell?). Admittedly, I haven’t stayed out of the sun as much as I should have, but I’m relieved that I haven’t undone the repair that eMatrix did the 2nd time round.

Months after the treatment, the perfect plumping effect has faded, but my scars are significantly reduced and my naked skin is still looking pretty presentable.

I believe I’m also getting better at taking care of myself, which greatly helps acne to stop flaring up, slow down new scars, and speed up the skin-perfecting process. If you are taking measures to get rid of your acne scars, you should also likewise try to reduce your outbreak of acne too. What a bloody battle we are fighting, I know!

Thanks to this eMatrix treatment at YUME Clinic, deep etches on my skin are now but faint marks, and I don’t see the places where old pimples used to live. My scars are seriously so much less than they used to be.


As explained in my first detailed blogpost with YUME Aesthetics and Beaut5me, eMatrix is presently one of the best solutions for getting rid of acne scars – superficial creams can’t heal these scars much, and laser treatments drag some down with more pain and a longer downtime for recovery.

I’m so thankful to Beaut5me for the opportunity and challenging me to improve my skin. I have done 2 out of 3 eMatrix treatments and so far, the downtime is minimal (a few days indoors to rest and recover is more than enough), the results are awesome and you should watch this short video clip that sums up the treatment journey –

Contact my go-to skin warriors Deals@BEAUTI5ME.COM for special deals, and ask for more details about “Estelle Kiora’s Journey to better skin”.
Why not give the gift of scar-free and better skin this Christmas? Do let them know if my skin journey and this video touched your heart, or motivates you to soldiering on for better skin!

Thanks for being with me through my ugly skin journey. I hope you will find happier and clearer skin days soon, too. *Beauty starts from within, and I am so joyful for scar-free skin!*

This is a sponsored post for BEAUTI5ME.COM.