No Halloween for me, but details on Halloween events in Singapore 2012 here for you

30 October, 2012

So it was Halloween weekend, and the doomsday is coming up. The number of parties and invites for Halloween seems to have doubled this year? I politely rejected many invitations to work with companies throwing special Halloween-themed events, but the evil-filled weekend still creeped into my thoughts when my Instagram and Facebook feeds were full of friends with blood all over their faces.

Guys had knives or zips through their heads, while girls did their best to look like death.

I think it’s quite scary (pun intended) that Singapore has been condoning, commercializing and celebrating Halloween more and more, year on year. Bring on the beautiful Autumn harvest at Gardens By The Bay, but what’s so meaningful about going on ghost tours and using your hard-earned money on ways to haunted or followed, or hearing real stories about ‘pontianaks’ that live in your neighbourhood?

Picture credit:
1. Darren Chin Photography and Gardens by the Bay Facebook Page

I think it’s totally cool to dress up in costume once in a while for fun, but do you really want to raise your kids to dress as demons and go knocking on the doors of strangers houses asking for Trick or Treat? In the western world, if kids don’t get treats, they perform tricks like putting coloured ice cubes in your letter box (to wet and ruin your letters with coloured water) and throwing rolls of toilet paper all over your trees/gardens (really hard to remove). Why would you want to make a teeny Halloweeny really angry, and receive a bloody pig’s head?

I don’t find fun in being creeped out and I just don’t get it.

Life is great. Why do you want to be reminded of death?

My Facebook status update to let my friends know that I would not be out for the weekend’s Halloween parties.

So yes, let’s scream for Halloween – I approve of wearing fun and sexy costumes, but I don’t approve of dressing up like a dead doll… but if you really want to, here is a list of some of the major Halloween events in Singapore this year (courtesy of I-S Magazine’a anniversary issue).

It’s a free country… The choice is yours!

Have a great week, whether you love it, hate it, or however you choose to celebrate it. 🙂