ALL NEW! Sunday Love Week 1: My father’s love

28 November, 2010

Sunday is the day I enjoy brunches with my bunches, the day I go to church,
The Sabbath day God created for family (my interpretation) and rest,
And the day I will be taking to think about everything and anything… to do with love.

In line with my blog’s focus on love, I will be starting a new weekly dedication to the topic of “love”, aptly timed on a Sunday: Sunday Love.



Everyone who knows me well, knows I’m a daddy’s girl.

Not the kind of daddy’s girl who kicks and screams and stomps for shiny new toys – but the kind of daddy’s girl who respects, adores and loves her father.

3 of the countless lessons I have learnt from my Dad:

1. Be funny (…Even if you don’t mean to be!)

Look carefully at the T-shirt my Dad is wearing... It says "Just Did It"

2. Be humble

Forget Louis Vuitton or restaurants, my dad loves Laksa and eating by the roadside.

3. Be happy

A Gen-Y shot of all the Grandkids with Grandpa... My dad crashed the photo. He thinks he is "Forever Young".


Yes, you get it, my Dad is the best! So with that out of the way, this is my first Sunday Love story.


My dad was very sick over the weekend with the W.T.E. (Worst Throat Ever) and I felt sort of guilty (I was sick first) – but mostly a sense of responsibility to offer at least some semblance of help.

I casually asked, “Dad, do you need anything? Some medicine, some vitamin C?
Perhaps some… honey lemon tea?”

He already had some #1, enough of #2,
But he proceeded to answer, “Yes dear, that sounds very nice
To have some honey lemon to soothe.”

Dammit, why did he agree? I had no idea how to make honey lemon tea!!!!!

I know it sounds kind of spoilt, but I’ve always been the sick one… Me. I was used to having it made for ME.

So along to the kitchen I went…
Only to discover…
Easy peesy lemon squeezy wasn’t so “easy” – it was seedy!!!

You know you’re not a pro
And you know it’s made of love,
When you take 30 minutes to cut, stir, seed and squeeze.
Mix all the contents in a hot water flask…
Say a prayer and give it a kiss.

Sorry Mom, I think I used all the lemons in the house.
I hope no one falls sick ever again! Hallelujah!

Life is good on earth. And my father in heaven says…

“I am also the Father who comforts you in all your troubles.”
2 Corinthians 1:3-4


Something we whipped up for Father's Day way back when I had love, time and Photoshop! Dad framed and treasures it. 🙂

Credits: Haven’t learnt how to use my watermark on a MacBook yet. All writing and photo credits to me, nobody copy anything please. Thank you.

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