Starting today, have a Coke Float at McDonald’s and think of me & under privileged children

26 May, 2011

20 May, 2010

I alighted from my white and red coloured local bus, tapping out my EZ link card while my weary feet tapped onto the mortar ground. It was a dark Friday evening, and I ambled on to my dinner destination, unassuming. My dinner destination was a short walk away and I didn’t quite mind, although the air tasted warm and the quiet was barely a buzz or a chirp. Anxious to get back into a bit of air-con, I walked a bit more briskly along a stretch on Bukit Timah Road. Whoops, I was also a little late.

Yes, I know that Bukit Timah has a ton of fancy restaurants, but one of McDonald’s newest 24-7 outlets at Alocassia apartments on Bukit Timah Road beckoned. This is where I had to be.



I’ve always wanted to celebrate my birthday at McDonald’s – even my 30 year old friends have celebrating their coming of age there!

Hence, it was an honour to be invited by Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, as they celebrate the former’s 125th anniversary by sharing their own birthday with a group of (much) younger underprivileged children. These 8 May birthday babies were definitely nowhere near 125 years old, and are currently being taken care of by two local charities – The Children’s Aid Society and The Salvation Army Gracehaven. To see them do this is actually better than fulfilling my childhood wish.


Screen shot 2011-05-26 at AM 01.38.40

McDonald’s french fries, Coca-Cola and 82 very cute youth beneficiaries + family + friends + volunteers somehow all melded together into one big happy meal. It was fun to watch and happiness in my heart, but made me feel a glimmer of guilt knowing that not only did I not share my birthday last year with any under-privileged kids, but I had instead celebrated it rather frivolously…


Now. Back to the now. Granted, no point crying over spilt milk, and so I slurped and sipped on the-exclusive-all-new-not-yet-released Coke Float with Steve and Tiffany, while knowing I was participating in a good thing.


(Once in awhile, I will indulge, and I will work off those calories later.)

With the marketing heads of McDonald’s and Coca-Cola – Linda, Kevin and June (L-R)

Big bottle, big donations

I think its great that McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are giving back to the community. Coca-Cola also donated $5,000 each to both of the charities and the Ronald McDonald House Charities at the event – if I manage to collect $5000 on my next birthday, I promise to donate it to a charity of my choice!

Maybe this year, I should start collecting birthday charity donations from all my friends a little earlier.

Mr Ronald McDonald gave me a little early birthday present collectible. He even signed it?!

Birthday presents seem to be early this year for everyone else too! For the first time in Asia-Pacific, Coca-Cola collectors can get their hands on a series of colored Coca-Cola can glasses, free with every large Extra Value Meal (excluding breakfast) all across Singapore. What colour do you like the best? (While stocks last.)

Screen shot 2011-05-26 at AM 01.39.07

The new-on-the-menu Coke Float and collectible glasses will be available at McDonald’s starting from 26 May, today!

***PSST – Coca-cola is also looking for Singapore’s biggest fan. If you or anyone you know has the biggest and best coca-cola brand collection, please get in touch with me – there may be some cool prizes waiting for you.***


Happy birthday kids. And happy 125th birthday, Coca-Cola!


Maybe when the kids grow up, they can upgrade their birthday in McDonalds to celebrating their marriage in McDonalds.

Would you like a wedding with that?

Full article on the McDonald’s wedding in Hong Kong here.

Never mind extra value in your meal – would you like a spicy McBride?

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