Skype with my beautiful Anna banana

24 April, 2013



The one who laughs at pretty much ALL my jokes. The one who shares my swearing and sarcasm. The blonde to my brunette. The billy to my silly.

I usually meet up with Ania (that’s how her name is pronounced in her language) several times a week, if I’m not already on the phone gabbing away with her. However, I’ve been on trips quite a bit the last month (KL, Japan – blogposts/pictorial stories to come!) and
she’s currently back home in Europe this month. It’s a funny feeling not seeing her and talking to her for such a long time and I am in need of an Ania-dote! (You see what I did there? An Ania antidote…? Hurhur.)

The upside is that she’s coming back so I’ll see her very soon – which means you probably will too 😛 (More pictures lah.)

Miss you banana!

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