Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure: Dear Diary Day 4

7 January, 2011

Contest Entry: Royal Caribbean & OMY SG sponsored media trip

Over the Christmas and New Year period I have been out and about, mingling with people from an assortment of ages. Conversation always opens with pleasantries and decorum – how work has been, what my travel plans have been like, and where will I be travelling next year?

My lips curve into a smile, my eyes widen and brighten, my heart skips a merry beat and I animatedly start to communicate my special RC cruise experience to them with gestures and gusto.

Only for me to listen to this.

“Why would you want to be stuck on a boat for a whole week?”

“Cruises are boring and not suitable for young people like us.”

“You were on a cruise? Fun meh? What is there to do?”

Hi! You are sailing with Estelle and by chronological order, this post should be about Day 3’s Destination: Phuket. However, due to special requests, today I am going to skip ahead and write about day 4 first – which is all about being on board the cruise. I must.

Slowly but steadily, I have been gathering all my ‘ammo’ (memories) these past 2 weeks to bring you an exhaustive picture guide – retracing my footsteps as to how I spent my action-packed days, and what to do as the sun sets into moonlit-nights.

You wait.

This post is for everyone who has declared “what is there to do on a cruise” or dismayingly claimed “5 days on a cruise is too long”.

No no no, you’re wrong!
There is lots to do onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise, and I haven’t had enough!

Royal Caribbean: Legend of the Seas day to night guide



With all food included in the total price of your cruise experience, of course you can always eat. You can eat all day, everyday, and you can also eat everything.

But eat where?

eat where

From left to right:
– One of my must-stop-shops, the all-american goodness of this Pizza and Burger Bar serves – no prizes for guessing – a palate of pizza slices and gratifying burgers. All I had to do was point and pick, and then grab and go. Served hot, it is open daily until 2am.
Windjammer Cafe serves a casual breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner with a view. One of the main restaurants on board, the ever-changing spread is always sumptuous, and it almost looks like there is enough seating for 2074 guests (that’s the max capacity of cruisers on board). I can stretch my legs as well as my stomach as I eat and sit all across Deck 9.
– Romeo & Juliet (fine) Dining Hall on Deck 4 & 5 is more formal, with a no flip-flops policy and fixed meal times. Come for dinner at 6pm, or come at 8pm. OR, come at 6pm AND 8pm – you can have as many dinners, as many times as you like!
(Now you know why I put ‘eating’ as activity #1.)
Room service. Me and roommate Christine’s favourite part of Royal Caribbean meals was that we could choose to dress up, or not dress (up) at all. They have ROOM SERVICE available any time of the day (or night), and ordering in would cost us nothing at all (no charge for the food or service). However, there is a USD$3.95 late night service charge if you feel hungry and lazy between the hours of 12am-5am.
*During busy hours, allow room service 30-40 minutes for your meal to arrive. Outside of busy hours, be prepared to hear your doorbell ring within 10 minutes!

*Tidbit: There are 120 kitchen staff to prepare 10,000 meals every day.

*Note: You can order alcoholic drinks with all of your meals at additional costs. The drinks I like, ie beer and wine, ranged from a reasonable USD$8.95 onwards.

eat food

Fancy a burger or a fancy dinner? I had both today… and more.

This is quite honestly, the average daily meal ordered for Philip, Eunice, Mui Yee, Yi Liang, Darren, Catherine, Christine, Calvin, Cherie and myself.

*Disclaimer: We enjoy our multiple dinners and desserts, but we do not waste food.

*Disclaimer number 2: Our assigned table waiter Hendry offered too many tummy choices and served us with a encouraging smile. It was his fault! Please see above pictures for name reference and edible evidence.



Work off those calories, no pain no gain! No extra cost as well.

exercise vigorous activities

– A young kid enjoys some physical pursuits and family time at the 9-hole miniature golf course, with her Daddy and an open-face sea view
– Fellow blogger and wall-wonder Darren scales his way from ‘easy’ to ‘hard’ to the sound of success. Ring ring ring! He proudly rings the bell on the Rock-climbing wall.
– This is me at the Legend Day Spa & Fitness Center, engrossed in my element and cycling away while counting calories. Treadmill, side-stepper, weight machinese and yoga mats – all the same fully-equipped gym equipment I am used to using, but this is definitely a different (better) view than the one back at home.

rock climb

I definitely did not expect such an unexpected feature onboard a luxury liner such as this. Who would have thought to put a rock-climb wall on the top deck of the ship, so that if you (when you) reach the top, you could look back at the shimmering sea and think ‘I did it’? What a genius.

Being an outdoorsy girl (or so I claim), I perpetually bugged and tugged at the RC and OMY crew to book me on this ASAP. Obviously, this is one of the highlights I was looking forward to so much that I lost sleep over this.

And so early I came, but so sad I didn’t conquer.

I scaled the ‘easy’ wall with zero ease! I made it to the top of the ‘easy wall’ but failed at the ‘difficult’ wall. Darren and Christine were the only two in the group who reached the sweet summit success of the ‘difficult’ wall – “which was the difficult wall!? They were both difficult to me!”

*Although there is no additional cost, you should register a day in advance to ensure you get your rock-climbing high. (Hurhur.)

I wasn’t happy with myself, so I left to do something I (everyone) was good at – running (away).

I eloped to The Jogging Track with Christine in tow… she also had her camera in tow. We ran all around the top deck, wandering past the mini-golfers, who were a little distracted by our bright and bouncy short shorts.

We too were a little distracted – exercising with such a view was taking our breath away.

run with a 360 view

I closed my eyes for a second – I tasted salt in the air and wind in my hair. Both were crisp and awakening.

We were hot and bothered by now – and so we went, swimming in the sunset as we sailed smoothly at sea.
(Try saying this sentence really fast 4 times. Tongue-twisted? Now that’s a sentence I never thought I could say!)

There is 1 indoor pool, 1 outdoor pool, and 4 whirlpools onboard the Legend of the Seas! Yes, yes, yes x4!

There is also a Solarium but Christine and I were too pre-occupied making underwater faces and on-land friends.




All play and no rest makes me a tired girl. I found myself chilling at rest stops, as well as popping back to my stateroom to change or catch a cat nap. It was utterly convenient staying on a cruise – if I was in a hotel, I would have to factor in much more extra time and money to cab to and fro from the hotel, in between the excitement and the activities.


– Mui Yee and Cherie resting on the sofa in their room after a hard day of play
– Curl up with a book
– Or Cosy up in the Casino Royale
– Daydream like Christine
– Enjoy some quality and quiet time at one of the many lounges, on the many decks
– Have an early drink by the snazzy bar, sit back with some classical/piano music, and soak in the stunning views

Yes that sounds like a good gameplan, but what better way is there to rest and recharge, than to be pampered at the Legend Day Spa & Fitness Center?

My indulgence was the Bamboo special
– A Bamboo Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
– Foot Exfoliation with Massage
– Mini Facial
*USD$139 for a 50 minute treatment

All body products used: Elemis

spa rest and recharge

Beauty treatments are an optional chargeable extra for hard-sleeping beauty queens like me. It started with a consultancy and with a bit of education about my problem areas and proposed treatment. My consultant makes a personal recommendation for every client based on their individual needs and body concerns.

Apparently I need a massage – it feels good, stimulates circulation, and stimulates lymphatic damage – perfect for someone like me who needs to detoxify and lose weight. I’m not complaining!

The consultation session did not eat into my spa time, but it did take up an extra 10 minutes – I felt like I was sitting in a therapist session in a chair – it felt good.


What is a Bamboo treatment and why get a bamboo treatment?
They use heated bamboo equipment to help the oils penetrate deeper into my skin and under the muscle. This means that they can magically penetrates the deep tissue under my muscle without putting too much pressure.

So much science… I was just falling asleep, feeling like they were rowing a bamboo boat on my back.


The mini-facial is available and customisable for any skin type or concern, whether it be aging, acne or whitening.

*Tip: Get a massage on the days where ship will dock – also known as port day specials. These provide a special discount for selected treatments.

Thank you OMY and Royal Caribbean for the beauty treatment – I guess everyone knows I need it!?



There are a number of activities going on at any one time.

From left to right:
Calvin and I tried to be quiet in the fully-stocked library; win or lose or just play-for-fun ping-pong; take different dance lessons at Anchors Aweigh lounge (I missed the line-dancing class and ended up trying to learn Waltz); sit down to a beauty demonstration with educational information; connect with (and to) the internet (this comes at a price of USD$28 for 60min) at the Royal Caribbean Online Internet Center; or take a pretty picture and buy it at the Art & Photo Gallery.

We can’t even pick…

activities day

You will shop till your wallet drops with Royal Caribbean’s shopping price match guarantee^ – available on everything except for fine jewelery.
^Price match guarantee: Guaranteed the lowest DUTY FREE prices in the world – or Royal Caribbean will match it.

(Most items are 5%-40% off retail price. A day or night activity, my roommate would disappear here until 11pm when the shops closed at night.)


*Tip: The daily promo are the best deals – they often offer a ‘$10 sale’ where every item goes for USD$10 – I think someone bought a watch for the formal Captain’s Night.

I ALMOST bought some Swavorski for Mom at the Jewellery sale today. (Sorry Mom… Next time!)

day activity cooking

And the fun is STILL going on for friend and blogger Cherie, who joined a cake-making demonstration class with some of the cruise’s top chefs. Look at her saccharine sweet smile – this activity must be the icing on the cake for her!



So much in the day, hey! I thought I would have nothing to do after dinner but I thought wrong…

When I am onboard a cruise that never sleeps, I guess I’ll end up with very little sleep as well.

night guide

Where to go?

Top: The centre of the ship, also the centre of the action. Many demonstrations and celebrations were held here.

Clockwise: Schooner’s Bar; Open the doors to That’s Entertainment; Party like a rockstar or have a late night-cap at the Over-18s Viking Crown Lounge; Try your luck at Casino Royale


What to do?


Pictures: Play some card games or mahjong in the Card & Mahjong Room; Snuggle up at the movie screenings with a recent blockbuster like Salt; Make merry with your friends and have a drink or three; Miss out on everything and stay in – TV hits The Big Bang Theory & How I Met Your Mother are showing in the comfort of your own room; Enjoy stage entertainment like this 30-60 minute theatrical performance with song, dance, and energy. Relive your memories in this throwback to the 80s; Guitar Hero or virtual racing available at the Video Arcade.


Our first night’s welcome show was hosted by a Chinese man and an ‘Ang Moh’ (Caucasian) man – not always very common, but just they provided each other with very good translation services and complemented each other’s charisma with entertaining antics.

I will never forget the joyful juggler with jokes – he kids, “I just started dating a homeless girl. It’s great! I can drop her off anywhere.”

David DiMuzio. He sings too! “Buy my CDs of Chinese songs”, he said.

I guess he’s a man who juggles many jobs…


Have kids in tow? Don’t worry about them… the ones I saw on the cruise were pretty occupied with their own exclusive range of activities.


*Special: The Adventure Ocean Youth Program offers a fun ‘child care’ for kids aged 3-17 years – allowing parents some much-needed rest & relax time between 8am-5pm.

Oh, and this is completely free.

(Do enquire and register upon boarding of cruise ship. Personal babysitter services are chargeable.)


cruise day till night

So there you go, I’ve been your personal tour guide for Royal Caribbean, from day to night.

There’s something for the old, something for the young, and especially something for the fun.

Eat, sleep, or do everything else – I won’t say there’s nothing to do… there’s EVERYTHING to do.
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