Royal Caribbean Cruise Adventure – Dear Diary Day 1

15 December, 2010

Contest Entry: Royal Caribbean & OMY SG sponsored media trip

Video Diary – Royal Caribbean 6 Dec 2010

We sound a little bimbotic, sorry! We were VERY excited.

This is because as part of a sponsored media contest trip, I was super duper lucky enough to be 1 out of 10 selected Singaporean bloggers who spent 5 days out at sea onboard the Royal Caribbean.

Christine, Mui Yee, Cherie, Calvin Timo, Catherine Ling, Eunice, Keropok Man, Darren Ng, Yee Leong and myself had a splashing good time!

This is Day 1 of being a Royal Caribbean Cruiser.

Ahoy captain! (This is really the captain. He is the revered Captain Ryan.)

“Boring.” “For old people only.” “Eat, gamble, sleep. Eat, gamble, sleep.”

Sunset stroll/swim? Choices, choices, choices.

Sunset dreaming on the ship outdoor deck

Enjoying my royal experience

Beautiful girl who entertained with her beautiful music

Sit back, kick back, and soak in the piano playing musical wonders

Fancy some mini golf while you gaze out at sea?

I thoroughly enjoyed this activity the most - rock climbing by the sea and my surreal climb (struggle) to the top.

Walk-a-mile on the rock climb wall

Spying with my little eye at Schooner's bar

I cannot turn a corner without finding different things to do with balls. I also found Ping pong!

Meet, greet and eat with the captain on Captain’s Night (A formal drinks and dinner graced with the ship Captain’s presence, held at least once during every cruise trip)

Rest up or dress up

Time to recharge our batteries... Chilling out at the library with Calvin Timo. Books and batteries included.

Virtual racing with fellow blogger Calvin Timo at the Video Games deck

Made a new friend at a morning Waltz dancing beginner class. He was better than I was!

Excited? Yes we are!

Nightly entertainment, productions and performances

Dropping everything to shop - too many irresistable bargains!

Getting a good rub down called the "Bamboo Treatment" - 50 minutes of massage + facial bliss. Full treatment of 75 min all-over body massage available. All beauty services chargeable.

There were CBS TV programmes specially tailored for Royal Caribbean cruiselines. They included hit shows "How I met your mother" and "Big bang theory"!!! I was so tempted to never leave the room.

Mahjong room!!! Wah seh. That, I didn't expect.

Viking Crown on the 11th floor - Over 18's disco + lounge

Viking Crown - Over 18's disco + lounge. We loved coming up to unwind after 10pm

Viking Crown - Over 18's disco + lounge. We loved coming up to unwind after 10pm

Enjoying a night-time stroll around the ship

Poolside deck party - after sun after hours fun

Chef Cherie was part of a baking bonanza - one of the many morning activity choices held onboard the ship

Shape up (while you ride the) ship out!


Whoever said that there is nothing to do on a cruise, deserves a big kick in the bum! Either that, or they have not had a “Royal experience” before.


Of course there is plenty to eat, the choice to gamble or the opportunity to sleep, but there is so much more to do onboard a cruise like the Royal Caribbean, it was a waste not to do it all.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years old

50 years old

Or a bit more young and fun


If you’re an aspiring traveler like me & my friends and are always on the lookout for new travel destinations and plans, you would have probably tried this…




Or this!



Luckily for me, I have now found a first-class way to travel – a brilliant alternative to travelling…


I feel a severe case of wanderlust setting in.

Making waves on the Singapore shores, say hello to one of the nicest cruiselines around…
You have to admit, the ship looks pretty sleek!

I can visit 3-5 different destinations in 1 holiday.

Everyday, a different destination in my window. (Sometimes even a rainbow!)

Every day a different destination.


And guess what? I didn’t even have to carry around or unpack my luggage…

Destination dreaming

Singapore - KL - Phuket - Singapore

Luggage courtesy of Royal Caribbean


Thank you for visiting and reading! I hope you enjoyed sharing my passion and experiences as much as I enjoyed sharing them with you.

Do check back for my WEEKLY posts for details, pictures and my daily video diary entries on things to do on the cruise as well as off the cruise (from now until 18 Jan 2011).

I have also offered a very exclusive and limited 40% discount off selected cruises onboard the Royal Caribbean for Jan 2011 period. For more details, see here.

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