People who inspire me: Nadia Bolz Weber

6 November, 2013

Meet my new favorite inspiration – Pastor Nadia Bolz Weber.


What, this woman is a Pastor? I know, I know.

“She doesn’t look like a Christian, much less a Pastor.” You are probably definitely thinking.

Well, what’s a Christian supposed to look like? Boring?

A heavily female tattoo-ed female with a background in alcoholism, drug addiction, promiscuity, lying and more should not deserve to educate and encourage tens of thousands of people right? But God is unfair and gives us more (grace, love, forgiveness, and blessings) than we deserve, and Nadia Bolz Weber is a living testimony and inspiration of that.

Your flaws and failures are fertile grounds for God’s forgiveness. If you have a capacity to be destructive, God can and will very well turn it into kindness. As much as you have a capacity to be a sinner, you have a part of you that is a saint (and vice versa).

Don’t try and make sense of God. This is my perfect God who always uses and loves imperfect people.

Excerpts from an interview with her:

(Nadia Bolz Weber talking about the Bible’s Mary Magdalene)

“Being raised in a Christian tradition where women were not even permitted to pray out loud in front of men, much less be an usher or a preacher, there was a process for me of sort of claiming my authority as a preacher. The more I studied the gospels the more intrigued I was by Mary Magdalene and how she seemed to always be around. I called her “the patron saint of just showing up,” because she’s always there.

I love that—this woman, who had been delivered from so much, is chosen by Jesus to be the first witness to the resurrection. It could have been somebody else, but Mary Magdalene was chosen to be the one to tell the men of the resurrection.

I love that text in John 20 where she doesn’t recognize him. She thinks he’s the gardener—which I suspect she never lived down. I’m sure her friends, for the rest of her life, when they’d be drinking, they’d be like, “Hey, Mary, remember when you thought Jesus was a gardener?” I absolutely love the fact that she didn’t recognize him until he spoke her name. I relate to that. I don’t think I recognized Jesus until it seemed like he was speaking my name. When that happens, we turn at the sound of the voice.

That’s my story of being confused and hearing my name and turning over and over again. Not just like it happened once, this is a daily thing for me. That’s the life of death and resurrection that I end up undergoing on a regular basis.”


Listen to other sermons by Nadia Bolz Weber, buy her book or read her amazing blogposts HERE.

My favourite blogpost she has written so far –

“When I was working as a chaplain at the hospital, I noticed that the family and friends of those who had suddenly or unexpectedly died would in a grief so thick it sucked the oxygen out of the room, they’d gaze off and say “Just this morning we were eating breakfast and talking about baseball” or “We were just walking the dog, laughing about the kids” The life changing seems always bracketed by the mundane. The quotidian wrapped around the profound like plain brown paper concealing either a bar of gold or an improvised explosive devise or sometimes both. In a slice of a moment we discover the gold beneath the paper or the bomb and then absolutely everything changes, but when we recall it in our now forever changed life, from this side of the event we start with the plain brown wrapping, it looked like every other package, every other morning every other walk. We were just eating dinner upstairs in some guy’s house, when …everything changed.* …………” (Full blogpost link HERE)

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