Oxley Holdings IPO at Marina Bay Sands 29/10/10

30 October, 2010

Embracing my drastic reduction in clubbing in Singapore and hence a recent simpler life (also been termed ‘boring’), I decided I should come out at least once a month before my friends completely forget me!

What did I do tonight? Well I’m home right now and am slightly exhausted, so I’m going to make this post as quick as I can and summarize my night from start to end.

Went with some friends to Marina Bay Sands for dinner…

Property developer Oxley Holdings threw a generous and glamorous 7 course Chinese dinner + gala celebration to kick off their recent IPO (initial public offering) launch.

I guess we have to put on a dress, some makeup and a smile…

Mr Ching Chiat Kwong’s CEO address/Sales pitch to current as well as could-be investors.
His thank-you list was long, and also included OUB Bank for their close-working partnership on the current and future development projects.

Attentive listeners

Grand performances ensue. First up was 18 year old singing sensation… My friend Norman Hartono’s brother?!

Asian Diva Anita Sarawak graced us with her presence, singing many oldies and goldies, as well as Chinese songs.

And our favorite part – dinner is served! Break out the delicacies and savour its decadence!

A Chinese banquet is not a banquet without suckling pig

Steamed garoupa

Shark’s fin soup

I think the food was all brought in by Marina Bay Sands’ own Imperial Treasure Chinese Restaurant (please correct me if I’m wrong)?

Of course, the pictures above are not self-sufficient and there was plenty more to eat, unfortunately my hands had to choose between chopsticks and taking photos… needless to say there are no more pictures of food.

Food blog fail. Let’s look at people!!

The beautiful couple, David Morales and Fabiola

Another good looking pair, husband and wife Greg and Erica

The boys showing me how they count 1, 2, 3

I’m never going to bring sexy-back. It’s a new dress though.

Amidst the festivities, we were obviously a little distracted with each other. We started taking pictures of other things…

Like our shoes.

And our shadows.

Family and friends of Oxley Holdings

What’s a dinner without a bit of a dance?

Spot the crazy people on the dance floor… (right side)

Twirls on the dancefloor… The Mexicans showing me how they dance!

Taking glamour to gangsta!

We also took glamour to ghetto.

Yes, I went home after dinner like a good girl – no going out past midnight for this so called Cinderella.

Thanks to the hostess with the mostess, Rachel for having us!

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