One step closer to sleeping my way to my dream… Me, Dawn Yang, and Hotel 81

19 April, 2012

There’s always an excited tinkle in my toes when step into a new place, or sleep in another bed.

Have you ever considered sleeping in a budget hotel like Geylang’s Hotel 81? Dawn Yang and I have always wanted to… And so, we did!


Sweet dreams are made of/are made in/can lead to this… 🙂

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Why vote for DAWN AND ESTELLE?
This video was actually a lot of work and did we mention that we got chased out of Hotel 81?!
Apparently they don’t allow 5 people in a room to secretly film each other… I guess that’s not normal? 🙂

VOTE between 18 – 25 April 2012 and stand a chance to win a 2 NIGHT STAY at ANY hotel of your choice, ANYWHERE in the world! MUST VOTE NOW!!!

Thank you for watching!

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