One Night with Xavier

17 December, 2012

The other week, I spent one night with Xavier, and this is what I learnt.

All a baby does is cry, eat, burp, poo, cry again, fidget, and then do it all over again.

Feeding my brand new 1-month old nephew at 3am was a one hour affair. He would wake everyone up when he’s hungry, but fall asleep when I’m feeding him. I have to wake him up to make him eat! The milk would have gotten cold by then, so we would make him more and it would start all over again.

It kind of reminds me of my friend Haresh’s Subaru car challenge… He was one of the Top 5 contestants who had put their hand on a Subaru (the last person standing wins the car).


He didn’t win, but lived to tell the tale of the mental torture and hallucinations that you go through during this contest. I imagine having a baby is something like that.


One night was an adventure in itself, imagine running on fumes like that every night?! Being a Mom must be hard! Kudos to all the Moms out there. Go give your Mom a BIG HUG right now.

Spending one night with Xavier made me adore him more. It opened up a new part of my heart, and taught me so much about love and patience that I can’t explain.

The baby experiment was sort of like start-up weekend boot camp. If I can take care of a baby, I’m sure I could take care of a business?

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