October baby: Nira Chan

25 October, 2010

My babyfaced friend Nira just had her XXth birthday. Compromising to our busy schedules, we met up for a quick and quiet dinner on a Monday (shocking for me to go out on a Monday – usually I like to veg out in front of the TV at home or do some reading).

La Mei Zi 辣妹子 (Beach Road)

We had sizzling steamboat at a really consistently GREAT steamboat place, many students and (China) foreign workers flock there especially nearer towards the weekend. Its been a while since I’ve been back to La Mei Zi (Sort of Mandarin for ‘Spicy Sister’), and I nearly forgot what a great find it is.

Now – steamboat is usually not the first choice two glamour girls jump at to have a nice dinner – but we didn’t mind sweating it out for some good yet cheap food.

Including 2 rounds of canned drinks, I think I paid $32 for both of us at this all-you-can-eat steamboat place. Cheap treats!

What is steamboat and how does it work?!
For the steamboat, you can pick a type of soup to cook your ingredients in. Chicken (non-spicy), tom yam (spicy) and another one which is very spicy. Nira and I like to have two different types of soup which they cook in the same steamboat pot for us, in seperate portions. (This way, we can put the same ingredients in both sides of the steamboat and end up with a chicken soup-tasting chicken VS a tom yam-flavoured chicken.

I love having the best of both worlds!

The buffet spread includes carbs such as rice, maggi mee, mi fen; a variety of veggies like xiao bai cai, spinach, kang kong, cabbage; the usual meats like beef, chicken, fish, pork, and also seafood such as prawns, sotong and crab (note: the seafood is not the freshest though I think you will survive). They have tub ice cream if you need some sweets after as well!

Good value if you want to fully fill up the grumbling tummy!

These local places may not be for everyone and certainly not for a first-time business entertainment joint, unless your clients don’t mind getting down and a little bit dirty. Brownie points: They have an outdoor seating area (which gets hot and steamy) but they also have an air-conditioned indoor area… Comforting!

101 Beach Road #01-02, near The 101 Building Singapore
Nearby MRT Stations: Bugis (10 minutes away, you have to walk a bit. Don’t get lost!)
Tel: 6334 5682

Check out the details here on local foodie website Hungrygowhere:

Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub

After steamboat, Nira brought me to a quaint little beer garden for a beer. I had never been there before but I much rather liked it! Ditto for the fruity apple beer I decided on, think it was about $13. I heard they have a range of 130 beers on the menu. No idea if the food is any good, guess I will have to try that next time.

For a Monday night, we were lucky to get a table! Apparently, its steady regulars and increasing popularity packs it out on the other days. So popular that even ‘ang mohs’ also come to this pub. 🙂

I’m sure you can enquire to ask about tables, reservations or beer promotions.

Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub
#B1-13/14 United Square
101 Thomson Road
Nearby MRT Stations: Novena (literally right above the mrt station!)
Tel: 6250 3116

Read the TimeOut review on it here.

This is us, 2 years ago in 2008;
When we were young, and yet the same age:

How we have grown up…

Happy birthday little one! XOXO

You can check out Nira’s website here:

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