New York notes: First week in New York with Nokia for Social Media Week New York as #SMWReporter

12 March, 2014

As some of you might remember, I last made a short 15 second video for a global social media competition – “5 Different Types of Asians on Social Media platforms – who are you really talking to behind the computer?” – and I was picked as one of 3 winners to be a “SMWReporter” at Social Media Week New York! I’ve always attended Social Media Week in Singapore for learning and networking, and to win this particularly huge honour is beyond the most delusional daydreams, as well as a huge step forward for my social media career (I started a social media related business last year – ZeroCopycat Influencer Agency).

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.35.51 AM

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.35.11 AM

New York’s Social Media Week is definitely one of the most prestigious Social Media focused events in the world, what is a small city Singaporean girl doing here?! Thanks to those who has followed me on this magnificent journey – every step I take is as unexpectedly exciting for you as it is for me.









(Most of the stunning photos above taken by my fellow #SMWreporter Giridhar.)

What a week working at full steam in New York City’s winter wonderland! Ok, so snow isn’t as nice here as Hollywood promised in the movies, and I haven’t made any snow angels yet. Up and go go go everyday from 6am till late night eats, thundering down snow-laden streets. Chance meetings with amazing people fill up my time productively when I’m not overloading my brain with learning experiences, or chasing down illuminated individuals from all across the tech and social media space.


#1: Creating vine videos with some of the world’s best creatives Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.38.46 AM Nokia created a space called the #NOWStudio full of lights, the latest Nokia toys, props, and soon to be action. They flew in top Vine artists from around the world for Social Media Week New York to hang out and teach some tips, and this was the coolest place ever. I had such an incredible time getting to know these creative movers and shakers that I taught them my world-famous head shake.

If you like creative video stuff, you must check out these guys – Matt @YellDesign, Jade @JadeButter, Yves @YvesDas, Andrew @AndrewJive, and Biran @BiranONell. Check out their insanely well executed animation, stop motion and other creative concepts through short videos on the Vine platform.

#2: Everyone applauded me for playing with plasticine and making a twerking video.

I learnt from them that you can animate anything you like. I like big butts!
#3: There’s no greater place to see technology and fashion collide than in forward thinking megapolis, New York. Here’s my response to a fashion show about Wearable Tech. Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.31.42 AM

#4: Interviewing some of the top content creators in history – everyone loves to hate’s hard hitting headlines but I just can’t get enough of it!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.36.35 AM

#5: Learning from the world’s top educators, collaborators, social media mavens and other influential figures who have always inspired me.
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It seems like sleep is for the weak as I want to lick up every minute of socializing at Social Media Week. I’m so grateful for being flown here all the way to New York, getting to see the magic behind Nokia’s creative developments here in the US. I have to admit, I expected dinosaurs on this iconic phone – Nokia has been the one and only pioneer, around since the ice age right? But I’m honestly very impressed at the phone’s user experience, and other seamless features. Some of the Nokia staff leading projects here are pretty much brilliant and I would give anything to be attached to them everyday 9 to 5. Hire me here please?!




Our total SMW Reporter team of fabulous 5 was full of talent from India, to Canada, and even New Mexico.

I’ve realized that I’m social in a very different way here in the US of A – I’ve hardly been on Facebook connecting with my loves back in Singapore but its not my fault! Facebook seems to be less relevant here. No one in the US asks to add me as a friend on Facebook, but everyone jumps to follow me on Instagram and Twitter instead – how on earth am I supposed to keep track of all this new found friends from just picture updates or 140 characters?! I really should update my Instagram and when I do, I instantly get much more followers than before. I’ve absolutely flooded the Twittersphere with scattered micro bytes, collected together only by a string of relevant hashtags to relive shared moments at #smwreporter and #socialmediaweek . I’m better off following Foursquare activities and Yelping my way through the city like a true local. I’ve adjusted well – I’ve even gotten used to the cold and I can wear 2 layers now instead of 4! Yes! No more waddling about like a nerdy Asian penguin! Time to break out the sexy boots! Oh, I’ve also fed my video interests well and have become obsessed with stopmotion and trying to be funny on Vine. It’s about time.

I’ve actually always been quite insecure about putting my face in front of a moving camera, but I think I have mostly overcome this when I had to shoot for the Amazing Food Challenge on Asian Food Channel (coming out 11 March in 12 countries/different timezones). I now feel empowered and confident to get on video platforms more – let’s Vine like it’s nineteen ninety nine, Singapore!

My Vine @estellekiora – let’s create things.