Parties in Asia: Massive Collective celebrates one last dance/champagne shower at Filter Member’s Club Singapore

23 March, 2013

Filter Members Club in Singapore celebrated its last night ever, last night.

I just got back from Kuala Lumpur and was so sick that I had to give it a miss. If pictures could tell tales, then I can see from a frenzy of friendly postings on Facebook that the crowd came out in full force last night, to show their last spend of support.


Filter is kind of legendary. It was the beginning of many firsts for me – the first “members-only” concept club in Singapore I frequented. The first time we were so young and everything was fun. The first time we could turn up on any weekend, and always expect to see cute guys (the yuppy kind). Boys always wanted to buy us drinks, but it was the first time we always had a table waiting and friends to tear it up with. The first club to create a fashion of hashtags of its own (#filtered), and spread its viral use as a community adjective.

Filter welcomed the first time we sipped on Dom Perignon, and the first time this advanced into a champagne shower. I don’t mean to dish the dirty behind this velvet rope, but oh, the spraying of this bubbly alcohol, and the baller bottle wars! If you were there for it, you could never forget it!












Party like a VIP, for every weekend was documented and distinguished. FILTER was a fraternity of sorts – you either belonged, or you were bounced. Those who didn’t know how to get IN didn’t get IT, and gave much flak for it, but we treasured every moment of it. Everyone knew everyone inside the club, and stories were whispered outside of the club.

Friends were always spotted in a sea of familiar faces, and familiar faces became friends. Which came first? This wasn’t clear – amidst the smoke, celebrities, special guest DJ appearances and endless bottles of champagne. Life was good, and we were living it the best we could.






“Okay, it sounds great. So, what happened?” You might ask.

Alas, time flies. And although I can still remember how it starts, it’s suddenly the end of an era. Massive Collective did well, debuting and developing its own nightlife culture, and establishing a new pedigree of party scene in the interim. And then, when you have choices, people start to split up in-between places. Mink opened up, and the party crowd crammed themselves into it.

FILTER Members Club never died, but Mink did dilute it. Lots of things changed it. FILTER wasn’t the same, and mostly, we blame ourselves. I got older. We got older. We worked harder, and partied a lot lesser.


The guys were the same, but new girls started arriving, and they were younger…

I haven’t aged that much since, have I!? @_@

But enough about me, and our time defying partying. Big ups to the MASSIVE COLLECTIVE team, and for building the dream they always deserved. Are they creating culture or wreaking havoc? A killer cocktail of both, we would assume 😉 They were the first with Filter, but now dominate Southeast Asia with a powerhouse of sounds and F&B outlets – Mink, Royal Room, Foodbar Dada, Playhouse, Vertigo KL, Providence KL, and Rootz KL.


The boys behind MASSIVE COLLECTIVE don’t let their club doors close without kicking another one open – Check out their newest edition to the Singapore party scene, DREAM @ Clarke Quay. I haven’t been, but it’s promising. It looks like an electro and trance-y sort of spot.

dream preview march15

Whether I’m remembering it for the boys, soft toy animals, biggest bottles or lights-on songs, Filter was first to many of us and you know what they say about your first – it’s unforgettable! Thanks to everyone for the good times, champagne showers, and dancing on the couches.

All watermarked pictures used in this post are owned by me, and unmarked pictures are from FILTER’s Facebook Page.


Keep checking my blog space for the local word on the street and the best global parties where my crew is rolling! I’m no expert, but just a once-young partygirl in Asia who has a whole lot of respect for the scene I grew up in.

xxx Peace, love, and glitter dreams! xxx