My twitter friends…

11 April, 2011

…Have been really helpful in my operation/hope to get back in shape.

I used to be quite active and sporty, but the last 6 months I look more like a sports ball.

My twitter friends encourage me to go to the gym to workout, give me smoothie recipes I can try before my workout, or tell me to get deep heat after my workout. You guys are my inspiration! <3

I tweeted this last night when deciding between going to the gym or a getting a pedicure:

Sweet tweets I’ve received:

Sometimes, working out is simply a choice – the heart is always willing but the flesh is usually weak.

Lucky for me, last night, a nice personal trainer at California Fitness helped to push me… and I did it!

Notes about my gym workout: I am currently on a free trial membership at California Fitness as I decide which gym I might want to join here in Singapore.

I have been trying out interval training – The aim of my exercise is to jump back and forth between cardio and weights alternating short, high intensity bursts of speed (cardio) with slower, recovery phases (weight sessions) in a single workout. After cardio, your body continues burning calories/fats so by constantly interchanging between cardio and weights, your body is ‘tricked’ into burning more calories. Something like that. Beginners can do this too!

For example, I will alternate between 7-10 minutes of the StairMaster/Exercise bike/Treadmill and weight machines/free weights/squats/lunges/medicine ball/bench press/leg raises/ab exercises.

You should always get a personal trainer to customise some exercises that are right for you – mine are more suited for girls and include core exercises and the target areas ie glutes, legs, butt, mid-section that I want to work on.

***Starting from this month, I am determined (and desperate) to get back on the sports-wagon – I think I’ll try out more activities like the TRX, pilates, rollerblading, cycling, swimming, and martial arts next! If anyone wants to offer any help or suggestions of things I can do, I will be more than happy to hear from you. Wish me lots of luck 😉 ***

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