Prophetic words and why prayer works – “Thank God life is UNFAIR”

4 March, 2013

I’ve always rushed around life and people, but recently have had the luxury of more time to appreciate what’s around me. It’s a good great feeling.

Stopping to smell the roses… It’s nice.

Of the last couple of months, a lot of people have been giving me “visions” or a “word” from God. (“Visions” or “Words”: These people who walk closely with the Lord usually get visions or words popping up randomly in their head. It is usually random to them, but extremely meaningful to the receiver that they are meant to share it with.) It’s amazing how much you HEAR when you actually LISTEN.

“Hey Estelle, I have a word for you. Let me pray for you.” Mr Glasses came up to me at a Christian group gathering.

We sat down and I happily stretched out my hands, eyes closed. Mr Glasses didn’t know me very well, and I don’t think he knows much about me. In my mental blankness, I was open to receiving, but mostly waiting to hear something about me (me Me ME!)! Instead, Mr Glasses gave me a special word about my Mom and Dad. He felt from God that my parents were very anointed, and prayed a prayer of thanks for them as he was compelled to tell me that I am extremely favoured by God. A lot of bad things could have happened to me and my siblings, he said. “But they don’t happen, because you have very prayerful protection from my parents.”

I have to interject here and explain to YOU that I’m not a perfect Christian. Throwing back to our teenage days, my brother and I have been up to TONS of trouble. We were breaking out of our individual crowds, and we thought we could do whatever we want. My life was a focus of fun. I’ve always believed in God, yet never quite cared that HE was there, somewhere. God wasn’t that important to me – after all, I was alive, living the good life, and having a ball of a time. So how important could God be?


I always continued going to church, but Jesus was more like a once-a-week Sunday 2-hour hobby. He wasn’t a priority. Hey, I’m a busy person. I also got distracted easily.
(Shiny red things!!)

I don’t pray before my meals, and I never used to pray in general. But thankfully for me, my parents prayed more than their fair share. They were regular and prayerful ambassadors of God – always praying for other people, for many families, and for us children individually. They were never shy of asking for prayer from all their Christian relatives, bible study friends, church pastors and visitors.

“What did they pray for?” You may ask.

“What did they NOT pray for”, I will say. They prayed for every single thing, big or small. It doesn’t matter if it was a complex issue with someone’s boss, or a spot in a parking lot. They prayed for me and my brother to have protection, wisdom, and favour with others. I remember my Dad’s favourite prayer – he seemed to utter this pretty much everyday. “I pray Lord that you will break all curses, chants, negative thoughts and negative words in this household or against this household. Thank you God. Amen.”

My parents prayed in the car, as they walked and they talked, and even prayed as an answer when I asked any questions. I think you get the point – my parents pray. A LOT. So Mr Glasses wasn’t very far off.

I’ve never really had anything bad happen to me, but somehow I knew that I wasn’t the kind of daughter that made them proud. I was good in some ways, but argumentative and selfish in others. I also made choices they didn’t approve of, and made them worry a lot. “You’re so popular,” they said. “But what about living a more meaningful and productive life?” They always sighed with sadness.


I was young and rebellious, but they loved me anyway.



And then, things started happening. A shaking of all sorts of things. The kind of things that grab you by the shoulders and scream at you for attention. A lot of things happened, and one of the most noticeable things was that my brother got into a car accident. I will never forget this moment – I was overseas and didn’t check my phone calls and messages. When I finally picked it up, my heart was in my throat as I read a long message from my Dad, explaining the details of my brother’s car crash.

The only thing he had been drinking was ice lemon tea, nor was he speeding excessively. It was raining and the car started to skid while going down a wet slope. It skidded (I imagined to the right), smacked into the railing on the side and spun around. It continued spinning as it was sliding down the slope, and culminated in crashing through – not one – but TWO concrete walls.

I remember that my Dad’s message ended in something like, “On-lookers called the police and the ambulance, because it looked like someone had died. But your brother is OK. His friend who was in the passenger seat, wasn’t wearing a seat belt, but he’s OK too. They are both a little shaken, but otherwise scratch-free.”

The car was not so fine, it was crushed like a tin can and had to be written off.

My brother doesn’t like to talk about this, but he does admit that there was no reasonable explanation for him and his friend (SANS SEAT BELT) surviving this crash (SCRATCH-FREE!). Anyone could have been burnt, hurt, killed – It’s so clear to me that the 1 reason is 100% prayerful protection.


Actually, my brother’s life is full of testimonies – this is one of many. Somehow, things seem to affect me by always happening to those around me. Miracles, some would call it. Did good things happen to us because we were good kids? No, not really. Far from it. Good things DIDN’T happen to us because we deserved it – but because Jesus died on the cross for us. We are redeemed, and so we can claim all these good things. Oh, the unmerited favour!

Even when we didn’t care about God, he never once stopped caring about us. He knows us, and he loves us. What grace. What mercy. What goodness… It’s pretty awesome.


I wasn’t expecting this, but I was overwhelmed with instant peace.

I hung my head low, and my eyes were still closed as Mr Glasses finished his prayer over me. I whispered my thanks to God for the testimony and revelation of my parents and their power of prayer. I started crying and laughing at the same time – it was as inexplicable as the waves of love that was overcoming my body.

Mind blown! I guess my parents’ unconditional prayers on me and my brother is but a subset of their unconditional love for us. Mr Glasses gave me a sharp take-away, and I nodded in willing surrender as he divulged, “Sometimes, what your parents tell you may sound like nagging, but open your heart to hear them. God uses your parents to talk to you. What your parents tell you might be prophetic. So don’t just hear what they say – listen to what they say.”

I don’t know if I want to tell my parents that their nagging might be prophetic… what if they use it and abuse it?! But I will keep it in mind, and remember to LISTEN to them when I hear them. I thank God everyday for them. Amen. 🙂



Thank God today. For your friends, your family… For the good things, and for the bad things that you don’t see.


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