My Love For Local Singaporean Entrepreneurs

17 June, 2011

More recently than ever before, there has been a boom with budding entrepreneurs in Singapore, and wherever I turn my head, they also seem to be getting younger, smarter, and saavier. I came across a platform that I thought was interesting, believe in, and hope more people will buy into.

It offers start-up ideas a shot at cash and crowd support, along with 3 practical prizes –
1) a physical shop space,
2) $20,000 for capital and renovation, and
3) an executive education course for them to run their business better.

Here are some of the finalist ideas that I like:

Singapore’s first hair blow-dry bar with no cuts, no colour, no fuss. Maybe champagne.

“Everyone has 24 hours a day. It does not determine who is more successful, or who is not. It all depends on how you use it.”
“In this day and age, Singaporeans are increasingly pressed for time, and have greater responsibilities.”
Save your time and money – Victory Concierge costs a $50/month subscription, but the total cost of the service might work out a lot cheaper than if you were to do all your errands individually/on your own.
“Everyone deserves services of a personal butler.”

Because I loveee cereal and they must know this!! Many of my girlfriends, along with myself, can have cereal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A custom cereal shop offering could sound pretty sweet to us. Got milk?

Great for hosting at home, a food preparation service that helps plan, prepare and cook the dishes and deliver right to your doorstep. Better than grocery shopping or your maid. More personalized than a take-away shop or catering service.
Have a sou-chef cook for you, but you claim all the credit.

Everything in the store is free. A space for retailers to promote and test new products and innovations. A haven for brands to cut through the advertising clutter. For consumers to find quality products without being driven by brands.


I recall reading in an article somewhere that 70% of start-ups are put to a stop because they do not have enough cash flow. Why is it that only the winning idea will get the money from the public funding? What about the other 9 finalists who still need capital for their business idea? A bit of online exposure is not enough to sustain most of these ideas.

I may not be seeing a bigger picture right now, so if anyone knows their reasons, do share it with me.

All in all, big ups to the platform “The Ultimate Start-Up Space“. Apparently this platform (sponsored by Martell VSOP) first kicked off in 2010, yeah yeah I’m slow! But going through the ideas that were submitted last year (the theme seemed to revolve around nightlife), I think the start-up ideas are SO much better this year. I’m excited!! I wonder who will win.

I’ve pledged money to my favourite start-ups, I hope you can spare some cash to support our local talent and entrepreneur scene!

You can watch the other Top 10 finalists videos on their website and give them money here.

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