My Lord Jesus didn’t just take care of my healing, he took care of my heart.

17 August, 2011

Don’t get lost, follow my updates! Read my previous blog posts on my sickness here and here.

So, this is my supernatural story from last night that I shared with friends today via Facebook:

Look at my legs today! It’s still a bit patchy and itchy, but doesn’t it look so much better??

It doesn’t just LOOK better, but I FEEL better as well. Actually, I feel a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Why? Who? How? It shouldn’t have anything to do with medicine?
1) I haven’t changed any of the medication or dosages at all, and
2) in fact, sleeping till 5.30pm means I missed my usual round of morning medication – which actually means I logically should have been itching more instead of not at all!

Faith > Logic.

I’m just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story. I OD-ed on prayers last night, and I found a love so supernatural that it gave me sweet sleep… It’s a love that runs more than skin-deep. I’ve always been in love at the wrong time, but this time, I think I’ve found a love that lasts a lifetime.

So blessed, I can’t contain it. So blessed, I can’t explain it. I’m so blessed, I’m going to BURST if I don’t give it away!

YOU have to experience it to understand it. I have never been happier… Do you want to experience this happiness too? :>

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