My Grandpa, Old Games and New Glosses

28 March, 2012

My grandfather is an amazing person, and I’ve learnt so much from him. When any of my friends meet him, they are always surprised at the prim and proper British English he speaks.

Back in his day, he believed the English language would be of significant importance. He was mocked at by his kampung (village) for sending all his kids to English-speaking schools.

Back then, all the Chinese-speaking kids were full of ridicule, but each and every one of my aunts and uncles (his “English-speaking kids”) are now individually successful.

I respect and revere the king of my family. Also, I must have done some sort of good…
I had recently brought him and my parents out for lunch and he decided to move back into my home for a month. He said he misses his grand-daughter. Glad!

I made him a welcome back card and have been spending as much of my free time with him as possible.

Yesterday he was upset about traffic. Today, he complained about the cost of living in Singapore…

“Did you know that the flagfall of the taxi today was $3.50? it used to be $1.50!”

“Did you know that back then, a can of coke costs 10cents?”

I’m sure he’s not the only one. Ah, the good old days…
Back in the day, things were cheaper and came in brown paper bags.

Back in the day, we were happy with simple games. There were no angry birds on any iPhones – only marbles, toy cars, chapteh and colourful kuti.

Back in the day, we took the bus instead of the MRT.

Thanks to a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Lip Smacker, I can now reminisce a bit about the good old days… and I can taste it too on my lips. These super cute soda-pop cap lip glosses come in Sprite, Fanta (Orange) and Classic Coca-Cola.

They are adorable and available now for $6.90, exclusively at Watsons Singapore.
(I loveee Lip Smacker! I used to get my pen-pal in America to send them to me in every letter we wrote since I was 7. From this soda-pop cap collection, I like the white sheen of the Sprite flavour and the tangy taste of orange Fanta.)


Sponsored review:
Thanks to Starasia, Coca-Cola and Lip Smacker for a reminder of the good old days, and for sending me this fun pack.

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