Little miracles everyday

24 October, 2010

It’s late on a Saturday night, everyone’s having a great time out somewhere, probably doing one of 3 things – at our favorite clubs drinking wine, drinking whisky green tea, or drinking Belvedere.

Sounds like fun. Usually I wouldn’t miss it for the world. So where in the world am I?

I find myself at home, my parents are asleep so I’m quietly quite alone. This is not the first time and one of hopefully many more… something about soul-searching makes me strangely happy, and feel more fulfilled than having my usual fun.

What have I been doing?

I have so much to be thankful for, in life in general as well as today.

Here are some updates on my week. Here’s sharing some love from deep inside…


My little brother just started his school stint at Imperial College, London less than a month ago. He has been whinging and whining like a little sister about his first assignment – an essay – but I must admit it seemed a really difficult one at that. I don’t even understand his assignment questions, let alone how on earth he would answer it!

Honestly, it is really tough for the Singaporean boys to go through National Service for 2 years, more so when it interrupts their otherwise-smooth transition from Pre-University to University. Being absent from academics for 3 years and then jumping back on the exam-bandwagon is no fun and games! I feel you brother.

Long story short, he worked his dog butt off and stressed a little like any nervous first-year would.

He just got his graded assignment back. First class honours for his first essay!

I am SO proud of you, retard. Of course, I had to tell on you…… Dad and Mom would like you to know they are really proud of you too.

(BUT just so you know, to have first class honours in your exam or to graduate with first class honours + flying colours, I hear you need to achieve this grade for all your assignments here on out?

No pressure, just keep up the good work! :D)

Everyday, we say a little prayer for you.

Someone got all the smart genes in the family… 😉

Lesson learnt: What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You will always have my unconditional love.


I don’t know why, but when I got back from Bali (which was GREAT by the way), something (worry) hit me to pray for a friend of mine, Dawn. I prayed a very specific prayer about something on my mind.

A few days later and when she returned, she shared about a prayer request she wanted our friends from Tuesday Group to pray for her for.

IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I PRAYED ABOUT! 0_o I grabbed her and told her this, I think we were both a little stunned. (I really am usually not so spot-on.)

Lesson learnt: Christ works in mysterious ways. And sometimes, through each other.


A few people have approached me recently saying they had visions of me, that God will use me in different ways and channels that I cannot imagine.
One person had a vision that I was doing something creative.
One person said I was a lamp and God will soak me in his oil.
One person said “God wants me to tell you that YOU think you have little faith, and little understanding… But God wants you to know that you have a lot of faith indeed, and understanding will come.”

(These are all people that I have never met before and who do not know me, and just walked up to me with their words full of love and meaning.)

I’m intimidated but excited.

Some volunteer work I did a while back teaching little kindergarten kids. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made – giving up my Saturday mornings and afternoons (i.e. late Friday nights) to offer a bit of help and do something that I never thought that I could.
I have a really soft spot for young kids and elderly people.
My mom says I have a lot of compassion for people and I should be a social worker. -.- (Aren’t social workers poor, Mom?)

I will do whatever it takes, and go wherever I need to go. I just need you to tell me what I need to do?

Lesson learnt: Sometimes, God sends angels into your life.


Of late, I have been really addicted to this song, Awesome God. It has such a catchy tune! I do not have the best vocal ability but that didn’t stop me from singing it in the kitchen, the shower, the storeroom… basically all day.

And then, I went somewhere neutral and of all songs, the music player happened to be in the middle of this exact song.

Coincidence? Not really… just little miracles everyday.

Lesson learnt: I don’t know how, but God is omni-present and I think this was his way of saying hi.



I was totally tired from a busy day, sleeping 5 hours the night before, blogging at 5.30am + uploading the first cut of my favorite Bali pictures on Facebook. (Yeah how cool is my weekend!) Somehow, I still managed to find the time and energy to do a 5KM run and weights… sans redbull! Yay.

I went for a free dinner at a gathering my parents were at, for the sole purpose of grabbing a quick dinner and getting out of there.

I ended up staying to watch some people from the Singapore Bible Society share about their missionary work. It was touching and bugging me… I have done some volunteer work and gone on a mission trip before, but something tells me (and not just me) that it is high time for soldiers like me and TG to weapon up and fight the crusade.

Then, the sharing session turned into a portion of infotainment about how God will use technology and social media to change the world and reach every spot on the globe – uniting every tribe, tongue and nation.

Wow! And this (the power of technology and social media) was a subject that I have been talking about incessantly for the last donkey days! AND I had just blogged about it last night! Did they read my blog?

I don’t think so. (I think I have 3 friends in total who read this :D)

Technology revolutionizing the way we live: Family meetings by skyping with brother in London.

Skyping with Cookie the family dog

Skyping with Grandpa

They were looking for someone saavy with marketing and social media to embark on some big upcoming projects. I jumped out of my seat with interest to help in any way I possibly can.

I am but a small person in a big world, not very pretty or bright, much less talented. Would I make any difference?

Lesson learnt: To stop doing everything for myself, and do it for him. I have put my actions and intentions in his hands.
Let go, and let God.


So much I want to do for God… So little time.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the grass that grows, the rain to wash the haze away and the beautiful sunsets which you know I love.
Thank you for showing me how real you are today and everyday, more and more and for all the incredible blessings you have given me and those around me.
I don’t really know how to talk to you or what to say, but I pray you can look inside my heart and see me for what I really am and what I really want.
Thank you for always protecting me, my family and my friends – you are indeed an awesome God.

Disclaimer: I still enjoy my family, friends, people and parties but if you have a plan for me, please show me what you want me to do.


My friends found this video on Facebook – If you have 6 minutes and 11 seconds, I really hope you’ll watch this. This made me cry!

99 Balloons.

Little miracles, everyday.
If you have any concerns, needs, prayer requests, whether they are big or small, feel free to email them to me at I would love to say a prayer for you.