Estelle 101 – A (not very) poetic summary

27 May, 2010

I’m not that pretty
Not really that cool
I’m definitely not a (role) model
Wasn’t the most popular student in school.

But I did learn about language, people, culture…
The merit of arts
Social hierarchy,
SOME street smarts.

I had my fair share of love, living independent and…… parties
What?! After all, I did graduate from Melbourne Uni.
Hey, credit is due – I’ve been working my ass off since I was 16 too!
Sometimes, there, you want to pack up and leave… the grass is not that green

I miss Australia… I loved it but left.
Came back to Singapore to work and start afresh.
Many things had changed, my lifestyle needed to –
Home is where the heart is, family is too.

In moments, I feel the lack of freedom
It feeds my hibernating imagination.
Is this just the expression of me
In a totalitarian regime?

I lapped up being in the media
Ad sales as a job defined my personality
Is this what it feels like – to be an executive? Thanks
I’ve matured – joined the ranks

I’m mostly with family
In my spare time –
Sometimes I go out
Other times I hide.

I watch DVDs with my dog
I have my girls for the giggles
Sometimes, online, I write in rhyme
Other times, in life, I talk in riddles

This is me
And this is what I have to say
Love it or leave it
And have a blessed day!