Am I Living A Purpose-Driven Life?

2 October, 2014

God has a serious sense of humour.

I have challenges when I least expect it, and have joy in the most unexpected places.

I asked Him to develop and accelerate my career, and all I’ve been getting lately is mostly accelerated personal development.

I keep telling God what I want, but maybe, just maybe, He knows what I want may not be what I need? We all want things. But we don’t know why we want them. We narrow-minded beings get stuck in a rut, it’s a vicious cycle indeed.

I’ve been slowly learning to let go of MY WANTS, and let HIS WILL work in my life. I’ve always been worried about getting lost, but lately, I’ve realized there is beauty in doing so. There is growth when I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone. We absolutely need to let go and get lost.

So, help me appreciate the ride, dear Lord, rather than wanting to rush to each and every destination. Let the driver not be me, but You in control – you’re a much better driver, always leading and behind my steering wheel.

Sometimes, these late nights, I wonder though – what road am I on?

A purpose driven life