Imperfect Piano

2 October, 2010

Me playing Richard Clayderman’s Ballad Pour Adeline

I just got a new iPhone video app ReelDirector) and wanted to muck around with it. Thanks Dad for patiently holding my iphone while my fingers scrambled around, trying to remember playing the very first song which I learnt when I was 7 or 8 years old. (Yes, I played the very same version when I was 7 or 8 – obviously I haven’t developed very much since.)

Besides my obvious musical flaws U will notice the clip jumps – not a fault of ReelDirector BUT due to its app design that I cannot edit away anything less than 1 sec. (In windows media player/iMovie and other video edit programs, I believe u can edit more accurately or down to milliseconds?) Oh well, u get the drift!

I forgot a lot of notes and I also played it too fast (I always do this), rushing through the melody and ignoring any emotion undertones I should have worked in.

Oh, I also included a surprise somewhere in the middle of the clip. I’m nasty like that!

Basically I just ruined a nice song.


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