If you are going through a hard time, read this.

18 January, 2011

Warning: Extremely personal

It seems that December 2010 ended on a high, and January 2011 has started on a low. Not for all, but for most that I know.

I was going to blog about my girlfriend Ava’s bbq as well as put up other favourite pictures from my overwhelming weekend, but for the first time in a long time I have found myself down on my knees, crying on the inside, completely humbled and begging for God’s help for me and the people around me.

Many of my friends seem to be going through a hard time right now, all at once, and I don’t need to name names but you know who you are.

Of late, I have had the honour of having people who were never that close to me confide in me and come to me with their broken hearts.

This breaks my heart.

I genuinely care, and I also feel compelled to write this post tonight.

If you are having issues at work like me (who isn’t?), lost with love, suffering any form of a breakup, are distressed over a death of a loved one or are going through anything more serious – this post and prayer is dedicated to YOU.

Someone – I’m going to call him RB – sent me a prayer tonight and it hit the nail on the head. He is so gifted with the power of prayer and it made me feel so much at peace + happy that it would be selfish not to share it.
(Although it was addressed to me, I have customised it so that it the love, prayers and blessings will now flow to you!)

“Father God, I bring before you my friend and his/her emotion – you know them better than I do, and probably better than he/she does even. And I want to claim this PROMISE on my friend’s behalf, for him/her, that YOU have placed YOUR ANGELS over him/her, RESPONSIBLE for him/her, PROTECTING him/her.

I pray that You will help my friend to see the ANGELS around him/her in every SITUATION he/she faces, in every HARD TIME he/she has, in every TEAR he/she cries, just as how Elisha’s manservant had his eyes unveiled to see legions of angels. I know that he/she and I DO NOT SEE EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO, but I pray that You will reveal what You will, and help us to learn and practice a TRUST IN YOU for the rest of the THINGS THAT WE DON’T KNOW!

Remind him/her always, Father, that he is your son/she is your daughter, a child of the Most High, and IS LOVED by The King! And WE CLAIM YOUR PROMISE that YOU will be there for him/her when no one else can, and You will have PROTECTED him/her in every situation, and YOU HAVE PLANS TO PROSPER HIM/HER AND NOT HARM HIM/HER. – And we thank You for all these things that You have done and that You will do. Amen!”
(In other words, I have faith that my God is a good God – he does not want you to have a horrible life or see you suffer. “He has plans to prosper you and not harm you”! God is love and he promised us that he will take care of you.)

***I pray that Jesus will give you the WISDOM to see what is what, the STRENGTH to do what you need to do, and the PEACE to accept it in your heart.***

You don’t know it yet… but you actually have guardian angels who are taking care of you 🙂


PS: Check out the stunning parallel from my prayer reading today – coincidence or comfort? “Call it Good”…

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