How I deal with UNHAPPINESS: This is my heart, the cards are on the table

29 April, 2012

People think my life is incredible. When they see happy pictures and words on Facebook, they simply assume you’re a happy person.

My friends snort and dismiss any possibility of being depressed if I tell them I had a tough week; and when I say I’ve hit rock bottom, they say I should get over it.

People assume you have no problems if you don’t write about any, that you don’t have a care or responsibility in the world if you don’t Tweet it or have pictures to prove it.

How one sided social media can be.

Have you ever felt that way? That sometimes the sunshine is stolen from your day?

I just want to clarify and confess that as much as I can try, I’m not perfect and I indeed have more than my fair share of frequent pressures. The reason why you probably don’t hear about any of them is because I try not to bother my friends with my complaints, and I try to stay away from sharing it on social media. Everytime I’m frustrated, I pick up the phone and call my parents and unto my God, instead of logging onto Facebook.

Social media can be one-sided, but God is on our side.

Prayer solves more than Facebook statuses could, and the weak is made strong in my Saviour’s love.

Everyday I have to remember that I’ve been rescued and set free, and if there’s no other reason to be happy, then the least I have is this – Which is bigger than anything I can ask for.

Feelings change. But situations don’t.

So I sit down, take a deep breath, say a prayer, stand up and carry on. And through this, I’ve learnt to find happiness in my unhappiness.

Try it this week! 🙂 Remember, if u have any problems, go to God and your family – not to Facebook.

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