Have you seen my Hotel 81 video with Dawn Yang yet?

20 April, 2012

Yes? No? Let me tell you the story.


When Dawn Yang first asked me to make a competition video with her in a hotel room, I had my doubts.

Doubt #1

Doubt #2

Doubt #3

She also sent me a very long Facebook message about it! But we talked it over and decided to make this video, and even film it in the budget-est room we could find – Hotel 81 in the heart of Geylang. GREAT idea?!

We almost got chased out of Hotel 81, finished filming the video, produced it with the help of and entered it into the competition. AND THEN…

Asiarooms picked us as top 10! They uploaded our video onto YouTube and we shared the link with our internet friends.
Surely but slowly, we watched our hits climb steadily.
Curious people started Facebooking.
Cats started meowing.
Compliments streamed in.

But then, IT HIT ME –

Y U LIKE THAT? Watch but never vote?!

Please share + like + comment on our Hotel 81 review video & VOTE HERE for us to be ASIAROOM’S NEXT SOCIAL TRAVEL STAR!

(If the above “VOTE” link does not work, please go to the Facebook page here, click “like” first and then try clicking above link again.)

VOTE between 18 – 25 April 2012 and stand a chance to win a 2 NIGHT STAY at ANY hotel of your choice, ANYWHERE in the world!

MUST VOTE NOW!!! Before I lose and *gasp* become, forever alone…

(This is my first blog post with memes… I may or may not be serious about some of these memes!! 😛 Don’t push it, vote now!)


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