#happyintheCBD – Authentic French bolangerie, Sophie Bakery at Telok Ayer Singapore

6 August, 2014


You’re probably going to turn your head if you work around Raffles Place and have walked past this bakery. The sprightly green shutters and inviting parisan-style al fresco area of Sophie Bakery showcases the two types of people who sit here – the small groups who come for breakfast or afternoon tea meetings, turning over tables within 30 minutes as they enjoy their purpose-driven discussions and pastries, and those who come as single patrons and linger for much longer.

The latter are usually creatives or freelancers who seemingly sit at ease, sipping on their choice of freshly-roasted coffee, peeling through bits of chewy croissant with one hand as they use the other to type away on their laptop, utilizing the free and steady wifi.

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Sophie Bakery, Telok Ayer

I don’t usually review bakeries but this sweet spot ties in nicely to my CBD lifestyle. I work, eat, drink and play in the area, and it’s a delight to find a place like that where I can productively snack in or have meetings. The icing on the cake (haha I’m so punny) is the highly competitive price points of this authentic French boulangerie, patisserie and cafe – $2 for a CBD croissant is a bargain, compared to a few other local European bakeries which can charge around $3.20. I’m happy to stretch my Singapore dollar; there are no “Euro” prices here!

Since I was invited to review this place, meeting and speaking to the French chef helped me to quickly understand that it’s not just the prices that have been localized – the authentic French recipes here are adapted to Asian tastebuds. For example, bread in Europe is usually very much harder than the soft bread you find here, and Asians prefer creamier cakes while Europeans tend to enjoy a lot more sponge cakes, which are drier.

Authentic French eclair recipes wouldn’t be a favorite in Singapore if it was made in the usual crusty way Parisans are used to. Don’t be shocked if you go to France and realize that your favourite French pastries that you purchase in Singapore have different tastes and textures! I assume that outside of personal palette preferences, the weather and humidity play a part in perfecting the art of pastry-making in Singapore too.





The best sellers at Sophie Bakery are the choc chip bun and croissants, every variation is good. My favourites (as marked with a tick for visual ease) is the croque monsieur (I even bought a bunch more for clients in the area after I had mine), cinnamon bun, choc tart, black and white chocolate cake, ham and cheese croissant, and the raspberry cream cake. 3 new artisanal single-origin coffees from Brazil, Ethiopia and Sumatra have JUST been introduced, so you can guess what we washed it down with.

I’m not a massive fan of the matcha cake, which was too sweet and creamy for my liking, but I’m aware that Asians who especially like Japanese-style cakes may dig this sort of thing. In reverse, the palmier was quite plain for my progessively-sweetened tooth and I also expected it to have been glazed with sugar – this flaky pastry is usually quite traditionally done, while served in a much smaller heart shape to contain the taste.

Besides being able to watch bread and more being freshly baked on-site here, the best time to taste the deliveries hot-off-the-oven are 7am, 11am, 2pm daily.


The Telok Ayer location is terrific for me, but this bakery is also buzzing at One Shenton Way and China Square – take note my fellow CBD warriors.
Sophie’s Bakery boasts 4 current locations – the above mentioned as well as Velocity at Novena – and I hear rumours that there are plans to grow the outlet count in the upcoming months along with new additions to the menu.

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sophie bakery delivery
Deliveries can be specially made from each or all of their shops if you are in a residential or commercial location within 1km of Sophie’s bakery (it’s a $4 delivery fee, or free for deliveries over $20). This would be useful for ordering pastries and sandwiches in for nearby lunch meetings, if office food decisions were up to me.





Thinking of a taste? Win a set of 3 packs of coffee beans worth about $60 and a $10 Sophie Bakery voucher (100 vouchers to be given!)

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Full contest details are on Weekender Singapore’s website along with other reviews of things to do/eat/drink, so bookmark them if you’re always in a dire need of something fun.

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What a sweet find – Thank you Sophie Bakery for having me!

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