Guess who are my favourite men this Movember? Please help me to check out these 10 cuties and decide who I should pick!

29 November, 2012

Did you know?? The M word stands for many delicious, wonderful things.






And this month, what ‘M’ means to me is – Movember.

(And again, MEN.)

Quite honestly, a MUSTACHE on a man isn’t as much of a turn on for me as MUSCLES, but my heart goes out to all the good guys out there who are growing a Mo’ this November (= MOvember) for a good cause.

About Movember:
Men all around the world are invited this month to participate in a Movember campaign, where they (try) to grow mustaches with the aim of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Movember moustaches were first grown in Australia back in 2003 (I remember actually remember this from when I was in college!) but now it is a global trend. In Singapore, all proceeds that you donate to a Mo Bro go to the Singapore Cancer Society.

I love to support a good cause, and so here are 10 of my fave Mustachy men around Asia, from my Facebook account. These cool dudes are growing a Mo specially to raise funds through their pages on Singapore’s MOvember website. The only problem is that I can’t pick my favourite!?

***Please tell me which one is YOUR favourite (leave your vote in the comment box below), and the first Mo Bro to get 10 supporters will “win”. By win, I mean win my love. By win my love, I mean that I will donate $50 of my own money to his pledge.***

Let the MO SHOW begin!


Michael Gooch – Ah, Goochy gooch! He’s already received SGD $1,415 in donations and is at present, ranked #60 among thousands of other Mustachy men based in Singapore. What a popular guy!

“To raise money for anyone I know who has been affected by cancer.”

Donate to MICHAEL GOOCH on his MOspace here!

Maxime Lenik – Most memorable for his charm in the August Man 2012 competition, and making memories as a DJ at Avalon and other clubs. He’s a producer and host at the same time, and also half French half Vietnamese.

“Last year I almost lost my fatherto prostate cancer. He was lucky to survive as for many men, it’s usually too late… This year, I’m starting the fight. Join my battle and help me promote awareness and raise money.”

Donate to MAXIME LENIK on his MOspace here!

Julien Gattaciecca – Julien is a friend who lives and works in HK, and is taking part in the HK edition of Movember. He is also captain of his own Mo Bro team, SunriseMoBros. See you at ZoukOut, Julien!

“is to change the face of men’s health.”

Donate to JULIEN GATTACIECCA on his MOspace here!

Mark Tay – Vote for him not only because he’s one of the coolest guys I know out and about Singapore, but being the Editor for Esquire Singapore, he’s responsible for the funny things you’ll read in that men’s magazine. It also tickles me slightly to see a Singaporean grow a mustache, maybe I’m not really used to it! He says something similar in his MOspace bio.

“Because we at Esquire Singapore believe in real men talking about real issues in men’s health and nothing starts a conversation quite as effectively as an Asian brother attempting to grow some facial fuzz.”

Donate to MARK TAY on his MOspace here!

Josiah Mizukami – This guy works hard and parties hard! We’ve gone for some really fun parties in KL. Josiah is an actor based in KL, but you can occasionally catch him in Singapore… when DIVA Universal screens the sexy show ‘Hot Guys Who Cook’. Smokin’! I can’t seem to find an official MOvember page or MOspace, so I’ll just cut and paste what he wrote on his Facebook profile.

“I’m doing my part for Esquire Malaysia’s Movember charity drive, the global initiative that sees men grow moustaches for male cancer research. Have some fun and grow your facial hair for a good cause and contribute the most to the National Cancer Society Malaysia’s Male Cancer Prevention Project throughout November through pledges (ask friends and family to contribute as you grow your hair all this month).”

Donate to JOSIAH MIZUKAMI somehow… through this link here!

Michael Martin – Michael lives in Melbourne, where we went to school together. Since then we have both grown up, but not too much apart! In his spare time, he does fun things like ice climbing and chewing on brown paper.

“To change the face of men’s health.”

Donate to MICHAEL MARTIN on his MOspace here!

Matt Brady – Banker with a big smile, big heart, and all round nice guy. He must have other banker friends too, because he’s already ranked #25 highest in Singapore with SGD $2,467 of donations collected! Oh crap! PS: A close friend of mine with a sharp British accent.

“To see how good I really look with a tash……and to raise money for charity, of course!”

Donate to MATT BRADY on his MOspace here!

Simon Barnett – Very respected for his effective skills in the online advertising world, this is one smart (and also single!) guy. A real softie on the inside, with a gingery tasche on the outside.

“is to create awareness about Man’s cancers and get us men more in tune with our health. You never know, this can affect any of us guys.”

Donate to SIMON BARNETT on his MOspace here!

Ken Yuktasevi – OK, this one is a little different. He’s a church friend of mine and everyone knows him as one of the funniest guys… ever! He’s a lot of fun and he’s doing things the other way around. He has had a mustache and a goatee for a long time, and promises to shave it all off and post pictures on his Facebook event page called The Bald Faced Monkey, if he can raise at least $250.

The proceeds go to FLUK FLUK RUN PROJECT which supports:

1. Water : FRANK WATER
3. Play : TOYBANK

Click the link above to donate! He and his friends hope to hit SGD$35,000 by January 2013. How can you not want to help? What’s wrong with you, don’t you want to see a bald faced monkey?


Last year, I threw a small mini-mustasche dinner party at home for MOvember –

I bought mini-mustaches for all the girls, since we can’t grow a real one.

***SO QUICK! Help to leave a comment below mentioning your favourite MO BRO (please pick one of the above), by Friday 30 November 2012. The first man who hits 10 comments mentioning his name, will get a $50 donation from me instantly.***

Stay strong, and stay healthy!

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