Free Dog Food Packs (Eukanuba) in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India

11 September, 2011

Have a dog? Love your dog? Eukanuba is giving away free sample packs for dogs of all sizes! This giveaway is only open to dogs that are cute (naw, just kidding, all your dogs are adorable!) and located in the following regions:
Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India

You just have to click the link that says “Free Sample”, and fill out the short form on Eukanuba Asia’s Facebook Page here.

So why am I suddenly writing about dog food? Here is the thing… I have a Jack Russell Terror Terrier, and she is kinda fat. Weighing in at 9KG at 5 years old, she’s considered to be a little obese for her age and size – I have my concerns!

She’s not going to fit into all the cute costumes I bought her anymore…


(I wanted her to look like this:)

She can’t even fit into her SWAT costume anymore, much less be fit enough to do her job as a guard dog.

Cookie loves eating a whole bunch of rubbish.

My friends are always feeding her food off the table.

Cookie eats silly things like the lint of my friend’s bellybutton.

And last but still part of the feast – this party dog loves it when my friends try to feed her shots of vodka!

Yes, too much party fun is not good for anyone. She’s too fat for her clothes now, but that’s not my main concern of course – I am worried that Cookie’s health wouldn’t be great if we continue feeding her rice + chicken twice a day the way we do. Human food is meant for humans, right?

Eukanuba has given me some dog food as well as professional advice for first-timers like Cookie and I. I am hoping that this will be better for her health and perhaps she will lose some of her party weight.

Over the next 6 months, I will be regularly documenting and sharing Cookie’s journey from human food to dog food – after all, we are what we eat!

This is a sponsored review for Eukanuba.
Photos courtesy of Jade Lim Maravillas.

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