Featured in TASTE magazine for my Passion, Banana Bourbon Wantons and FREE Chocolate from Laurent Bernard!

6 June, 2012

Thanks to you wonderful people who actually care to occasionally click on my blog, the new TASTE magazine has done a feature on me for their JUNE issue, thinking that someone out there would be interested to see the dirty lil’ details of my energetic, busy life. I was so excited to spill all the secrets! You can read it in full screen here.

A big theme of TASTE’s e-magazine was PASSION, and it was an honour that the good people there saw me as an example of someone who works hard towards their goals and dreams. They asked me how I kept up with my incomprehensible busy life.

Energy is easy. You drive yourself with passion, heart, from the inside and of course… food.

The best food for energy and also my go-to-grab-snack is bananas, and being a magazine centred around food, Purple Sage asked me for a recipe. I thought, “crap, what the heck?” So, don’t mind me, and my silly recipe.

Banana wantons with maple syrup, mixed with a bit of bourbon… perfect for a nut like me who loves a sinful snack! Alcohol is always optional.

And now the fun part… FREEBIES!

3 lucky winners will be able to receive a 6pc chocolate gift box from Laurent Bernard (worth $23 each).
All you have to do is answer their simple question and follow the instructions on TASTE e-magazine (page 19). Contest closes FRIDAY, 22 JUNE NOON.

I’m especially happy to be giving away chocolate in a box to my readers because –
1) I like the Laurent Bernard chocolatier at Mhd Sultan
2) I loooove chocolate.

C’mon, join my chocolate contest lah, everybody loves chocolate.

A big THANK YOU to Purple Sage’s Taste Magazine for the feature!

***UPDATE SUNDAY 24/6/2012***

TASTE e-magazine has picked their 3 winners for the FREE CHOCOLATE (Laurent Bernard Chocolatier contest). Yummmmmm…!!

Sharon Ngo Hea Ming
Chua Wei Ling
Andy Tay

They have all submitted the correct answer, which is “Estelle – Bananas, Laurent – Hot Chocolate”.
Winners would be able to be to redeem their prizes at Laurent Bernard outlet at Robertson Quay from next week onwards until 8 July, Sunday. Details of redemption will be emailed to them subsequently.

Thank you to the winners and participants for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoy your new yummy prizes! Here’s to sharing more love xxx

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