EAT IT THIS WEEK! World Gourmet Summit 2013’s Master Chef Matt Moran at The Prime Society

18 April, 2013

Sorry for the mild absence people, I am back from Japan and I hope you’ve missed me as much as I’ve missed you! Have so many deer-in-headlight type of stories to tell you about the trip, but first I’d like spill the beans on an incredible meal I had yesterday.

Straight off the plane this week from Japan, to find out its the first day of World Gourmet Summit 2013 in Singapore. Am I the most blessed girl in Singapore or what?! (I will soon also be the fattest. Keep reading.)


World Gourmet Summit 2013 is basically one of the most esteemed culinary events in Asia, and it runs from 16-26 April 2013 through a calendar of unique dining experiences, brand-name F&B outlets, and exclusively flown-in international ingredients, served up with a side of celebrity and master chefs.

As part of their participation in WGS2013, the classy people at The Prime Society (Restaurant and Bar) brought down revered Australian chef Matt Moran.

“Wait, wasn’t he one of the judges on that TV show Junior Masterchef?” I first asked, like you might.

Yup, he sure is. Restaurateur, Businessman, and high profile TV personality – Matt Moran wears many other hats besides just being a chef. He is the co-owner of a number of successful restaurants, including ARIA Sydney, ARIA Brisbane, the newly opened CHISWICK Restaurant in Sydney’s Woollahra, and also co-owns some event and catering companies when he’s not busy filming a platter of different TV programmes.


Who misses and knows how to appreciate some good Australian cooking? Me me me! Read on if you do too.


A total steal at $168++ for food only, or $248++ including premium wine pairing.




My Dad, passionate food-lover and designated cook at home, was the ideal lunch date for my gastronomic journey. The 5-course symphony otherwise known as lunch started with smiles all around, and a small, warm handful of sourdough bread. I adore sourdough, and this was easy to eat as I tore it into little pieces and smeared truffle-infused butter all over it.

All dishes were served so promptly – the moment I put down the ruins of my bread, my waiter glided in with my first course.

FIRST COURSE: Yellow fin tuna sashimi with cucumber, wakame and avocado puree.
WINE: 2011 Pewsey Vale Riesling, Eden Valley, Australia.


The tuna was excellent, and tasted fresh off the sea. A little trick was pulled on me – what I thought to be wasabi was actually avocado puree. In the mix was a tinge of wasabi powder, but the puree gave my tuna a creamier finish than if it was served up in the usual Japanese style.

The formula for good food to me is just like buying property – location, location, location.

The best meals I’ve had in the world weren’t the most expensive, but are usually the freshest. Give me some snapper in Australia, mangoes in Philippines, suckling pig in Spain or salmon sashimi from South East Asia – I just love all sorts of seasonal produce, and they completely change the centre of every platter.

Chef Matt Moran would agree with me, since he has a new TV programme – From Paddock to Plate – doing just that. I can already imagine him trooping around and plucking vegetables from the ground, tossing it into a wok and frying up a hot plate of some farm fun. The focus of this Epicurean Delights menu, as well, is fully dedicated to the freshest seasonal ingredients. Chef Dallas Cuddy (head chef at The Prime Society) is equally armed with an impressive culinary pedigree and the same beliefs in seasonal produce. I guess life – as in cooking – does not have to be so complicated.

SECOND COURSE: Alaskan crab scotch egg with celeriac and lemon salad
WINE: 2011 Prager Hinter der Burg Federspiel Grüner Veltliner, Wachau, Austria.


Most seasonal ingredients used in the total menu were brought by Chef Matt Moran from Australia, except for this Alaskan crab – which was from Alaska.

This was the stand out dish for me. I completely underestimated how overwhelming and small ball of something could be. Chef Matt and his team demonstrated absolute skill with the scotch egg – it’s certainly not easy to deep fry an egg on an outside, while keeping its inside so fluffy and pillowy soft.

An understated quail egg embraced in Alaskan crabmeat, deep fried and then crowned with rock salt? Dont mind me. Totally worth the tiniest spike in my cholesterol and calories. I would have this meal just to consume this course all over again – the tartness of the salad against the salty, toasty egg both meet in the middle nicely to exalt the Alaskan crabmeat. All textures in this dish was perfect and worked hard to melt in your mouth.

Honestly, this is probably one of the most favourite things I have eaten in my life (next to Italian Ferrero Roche gelato ice-cream).

PS: This dish is available as an à la carte option for S$28++.

THIRD COURSE: Steamed sea bass with puffed quinoa, pine nuts and Jamón
WINE: 2008 Luca Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina.


I am a huge fan of fish, but this wasn’t my favourite. Maybe it’s because I was riding such a high from the second course (nothing to do with the wine, of course), but I still enjoyed the sea bass against the mild sweetness from the berries, crunch from the flavourful nuts and saltiness of the Jamón (Spanish ham). I’m not a sous chef, nor a scientist, but I think the Jamón should have come out stronger than it did (Spanish ham usually gives you a big kick). Anyway, what a party in my mouth.

We are still on white wine, and the 2008 Chardonnay brings out a heavier intensity of the meal as it progresses. I’m ready to take on the meat!

Food is better with friends: With Suan Fatt from Tatler.

FOURTH COURSE: Roasted fillet and slow cooked shoulder of lamb with black olive and fennel
WINE: 2010 Craggy Range Te Kahu Bordeaux Blend, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.


I’m usually more of a beef person (and The Prime Society is SO good for their beef), but the shoulder lamb was a splendid dish. The lamb was wrapped in plastic and slow cooked for 24 hours in 64 degrees, and you can definitely taste the TENDER loving care. The spinach with white fennel and olive purée was a lovely accompaniment and I wouldn’t have wanted my lamb any other way. Except maybe as a little pet.

The New Zealand red wine celebrated the dish nicely. It was 80% merlot,8% cabernet-franc, 8% cab-sauv, and 4% malbec and in other words, went down our mouths quickly.

FIFTH COURSE: Summer berry trifle with strawberry jelly and buttermilk sorbet
WINE: 2004 Pauleczki. Tokaji Aszú 3 Puttonyos Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary.


It makes me so sad to write about the last dish! (Already?!) Read it and weep.

Not just a visual treat, this was an absolutely delicious and pleasant dessert that wasn’t too sweet. Trifle is traditionally a dessert of sponge cake, fruits, jelly and custard, and this balance of berries with butter milk sorbet bowled me over.

The Hungarian wine was significantly sweeter than the dessert itself, but such sweetness is the signature of the Tokaj wine region. (Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the bottle, I was totally distracted by this point!) Aszú grapes are all handpicked and I felt like royalty, being given the opportunity to savour it. Obviously, we were given the best.

THE EPICUREAN DELIGHTS MENU BY MASTER CHEF MATT MORAN AT THE PRIME SOCIETY, SINGAPORE is available for a limited time only (17-20 April 2013). Priced at S$168 ++ with premium wine pairing at an additional S$80++, the tasting menu is available for lunch and dinner during this period.


I would strongly suggest the pairing with wine – it takes the dining experience to new heights and helps to envelope the taste of each plate.

Select dishes are available à la carte, or indulge instead in premium cuts of ethically sourced Rangers Valley grain-fed beef, Cape Grim grass-fed beef, and Mayura Station wagyu – all free of growth hormones.

For more information on this menu, check out this link.

*I must give special thanks to our waiter Efren – his service was spectacular. He was well-spoken, prompt, attentive in the right doses and as smiling as he was knowledgeable. If I was still working in F&B at Fullerton Bay Hotel, I might just try to hire him!

THE PRIME SOCIETY SAYS… “Dedicated to the Upper Cut.”

I guess the best deserve the best. Besides the exciting medley of meat and other good food, the elegant yet homely steakhouse encourages cocktails at the central island bar, conversations in the open-concept kitchen, and lush afternoon-till-evening alfresco dining. Good times with friends or exquisite corporate entertainment will be a sure-fire hit here.




Operating hours: 12pm – 10.30pm
Call 64747427 for reservations or email

With Entrepreneur and the perfectly put-together Prime Society owner Ingrid Prasatya; her head chef Dallas Cuddy.

Me and Dad with The Prime Society chef Dallas Cuddy and Master Chef Matt Moran’s right hand man, Chef Ben.

What a remarkable meal. Thank you to The Prime Society, the exceptional culinary team and World Gourmet Summit 2013 for the invited tasting.

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