Dreaming is Believing

9 January, 2012


Tomorrow, my dad continues on his journeys… to inspire me. This time, He’s leaving for Thailand and Laos to do some mission work, to help, and to love.

Dad, even if you don’t change the world, you have constantly changed me with your charity.

You make me better, stronger, smarter, but most of all – you help me dare to dream.

“Any fool can have a child, but not anyone can be a father.”
-A line from the movie today we watched at the Cathay, “Courage”.

Dreaming is believing, and I believe 2012 should be the year of courage – Do something for someone.

Don’t live a life just for yourself and miss the opportunity to leave a legacy among your children and your family.

This would be my belief, my dream, and my ultimate reality.

I dare YOU to dream!

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