Can someone please shoot my subconscious?

19 September, 2010

I realize that my blog-that-no-one-reads is dedicated to love, the idea of love, people I love, and the sharing of experiences where I have been shown gracious love. But I have not directly shared much of this. Here’s to pouring my heart out…

My friends laughed at me last week when I admitted on Facebook that I had a dream that I had a boyfriend. (And it was nice!!!)

I had a dream last night I was…


It gets better… I was match-made. Within the dream I remember praying, “Dear God, this man is on my ‘Facebook Friends’ list but I don’t know him well. If it is your will, I’ll marry him though, it’s cool.” Even in my dream I remember entrusting this decision to God! Isn’t that awesome?!

I don’t remember much but I remember waking up confused – “Are marriages and vows made within a dream legally-binding? I guess not.”

Right now, my idea of marriage, love and relationships is somewhat similar to this:

Lesson in love learnt: Don’t eat a BIG breakfast before going to bed… Carbs give you nightmares!!!

Goodnight world, I promise i will post the millions of gorgeous photos I owe everyone soon enough when I catch a break. Please don’t go away.


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