Back from BKK, praying for recovery while doing a video shoot, and Phuket tomorrow.

7 November, 2012

I just got back from BKK and was really excited at a wonderful job I had gotten to do a beauty video shoot.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan it though… The team and I worked hard yesterday doing prep work, but today, I was sent home early by the client because I look too sick to be on camera! My eyes look tired & was told that my “face is too puffy to film”. 🙁

Hope i didn’t waste anyone’s time and I get a chance to re-shoot when I’m back from travelling & better. I powered through the voice-over with lots of water, honey & smiles!

It’s a wrap! … For now. I’m heading to Phuket tomorrow for a week long trip with friends, and I need all your prayers for a speedy recovery! It would ruin my trip n my friends’, if I spent the whole week cringed up in a corner. I pray for total healing by tonight!

Thanks to the team for being so understanding and relaxed to work with.

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