Action-packed December: Singapore – KL – Phuket – Abu Dhabi – Dublin

10 December, 2010

Singapore-KL-Phuket down, Abu Dhabi & Dublin to go. I miss my friends and family already…
Thank you for the messages and emails (only to those who bothered to message/email me – THANK YOU), work needs to come first but I promise I’ll get to them when I can. I really love hearing from you, yes if you are reading this, YOU! 🙂

Just returned from a Royal Caribbean Cruise around SIN-KL-PHU with 9 of the other chosen OMY bloggers – wow and am I exhausted!

Whoever said there is nothing to do on cruise holidays deserves a big kick in their bum. OR needs a Royal experience of sun, fun, and 5 days at sea.

A very exclusive 40% discount on selected Royal Caribbean Cruises that is first come first serve – more info on this special reader discount here on my previous blog post:
A sailor’s season greetings & special gesture

Whether you’re keen to know more about cruises or are just planning a holiday with your Mom/grandma/father’s friend’s 2nd cousin/boyfriend, I would be delighted if you share the journey with me through my 5-part blog/picture/video posts Royal Caribbean adventure
(watch out world – 1st out of 5-part series will be posted by tomorrow!).

If I had fun, so will you.


In other news… (To the people I care about and who care about me)

I will be flying off to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow (via A.D.) for a week for work in a winter wonderland. (-12 degrees now… BRRRRRRR!)

Yep, I know the Facebook album name for my Dublin trip already – Work Week in Winter Wonderland.

PS: Flight will be with Etihad Airways stopping over in Abu Dhabi… Anyone flown with Etihad before? What is it like?
Packing for work in winter is harder than packing for a summer holiday.

Winter things-to-bring include boots, winter socks, gloves, hats, ear muffs, long-sleeves, tights, winter skirts, thermal wear/long-johns, and a big winter jacket to wear on the outermost layer.

I’m suddenly appreciating Singapore’s all-round summer…

On the bright side, my Irish colleague sent me this picture of a snowman and beer – maybe it is his way of saying welcome to Dublin? 😀

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