A Tuesday Lesson in God and Sickness

17 August, 2011

I’ve been sick for 2 weeks, the longest i’ve ever been sick before, but I went to Tuesday Group (my favourite weekly Christian gathering for young adults) tonight. Some friends knew I was sick, others didn’t, but the funny thing was something else…

I went to Tuesday Group hoping to receive prayers of healing, but instead of praying for healing for my BODY, everyone seemed to pray for healing for my HEART.

I received prayer for my heart, my soul, my spirit. And instead of praying about sickness, they prayed for peace, rest, repair, forgiveness, grace, love and happiness.

Healing for the heart > Healing for the body? I wondered why? No one explained this, but the prayers kept on coming.

Besides this SPIRITUAL connection, this revelation actually makes a lot of SENSE. (I hear that if you are stressed or unhappy, it manifests in your body…)

I learnt something today:
If u are well, praise God.
If u are sick, praise God.

I guess a happy heart is a healthy heart. And I couldn’t be happier right now!

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