A Night in the Magnum Pleasure Palace

5 June, 2011

Caught messy-handed: Magnum-ing with my nephew, Jonathan Parkin.

“We are the Pleasure Seekers. We live our lives to the fullest, indulging in pleasures big and small. Magnum believes that a day without pleasures is a day lost, and we want to inspire people to actively seek pleasure in their lives.”

With my pleasure seekers – Ava, Maytinee and Natasha

With Jessica O’Donnell, Global Brand Manager, Asia

With Meng Yang Chan, Senior Brand Manager, Singapore

I am the kind of person who appreciates the exceptional quality of anything sweet, decadent, or edible. Yes… I am a fine line away from being a glutton. So, when Magnum invited me to their exclusive Pleasure Palace and to try out their new premium chocolate ice-cream bars filled with not one, but TWO layers of gooey caramel, I RSVP-ed immediately. A night of pleasure was to ensue.

The Magnum Pleasure Palace (Mandarin Orchard hotel presidential suite) was all about the promise of pleasure and the epitome of luxury, divided into 5 rooms for pleasure-seekers to indulge in their 5 senses. (In case you forgot what you learnt in primary school, the 5 senses are touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.)

PLEASURE OF TOUCH room – Tender loving massages for all invited guests

PLEASURE OF TASTE room – Sweet treats and other custom-made Magnum creations. Can I have a Magnum Raspberry Bolognaise please?

PLEASURE OF SMELL room – Chocolate scented suite with aroma-scented candles, and Magnum branding galore

PLEASURE OF SIGHT room – A gallery of viewing pleasure

PLEASURE OF SOUND room – Mr DJ throws down some sweet sounds

Can you guess which pleasure room I found this male model in?

Honestly I can’t remember… I hope he wasn’t in the ‘touch’ room though!

Magnum Double Caramel: Silky Vanilla bean ice-cream double dipped in caramel sauce and thick crackling Belgian chocolate.

Magnum Double Caramel ice-cream review: A couple of the guests I chatted with told me they found the ice-cream a little sweet. I guess caramel does that to anything! I am quite a health-conscious person and will shudder at anything that could be a blur between a sweet dream or diabetic’s nightmare.

I agreed this ice-cream flavour was sweet, but I actually did not find it too sweet. The creaminess of the vanilla masked a lot of the sweetness, so if you eat a chunk of the different layers together (as opposed to chewing seperately on the caramel and chocolate), it should balance out.

To be honest, I still prefer the Magnum Almond flavour though. I guess I’m just a nutty person.

I did a video interview for Magnum and pulled my beautiful friend Ava in as well. They seemed pretty excited and I think they asked us to say something about double pleasure……

Pleasure Tip: Magnum Double Caramel is not the kind of mama-stall 70cents ice-cream bar that you gobble down before it melts under the sunny Singapore sun. Sit in a big chair in a plush air-con room, and savour slowly.

Picture from Magnum’s roadshow on Orchard road.

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Karl Lagerfield + Rachel Bilson for Magnum:

Chocolate, Men, and Magnum Double Caramel – are some things just better rich? 🙂
Try it for yourself and you be the judge of that!


This is an advertorial and review for the launch of Magnum’s new ice-cream flavour, Double Caramel.

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